Bond with Your ARMY Kids with BTS’ 7Fates: CHAKHO!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for — HYBE Entertainment has released the webtoon, 7Fates: CHAKHO, featuring BTS!

If your kids are ARMYs but have no love for reading, we’re sure that 7FATES: CHAKHO’s going to spark their interest. Currently available on Webtoons since January 15, 2022, we’re sure HYBE’s been hyping us, ARMY moms, and our kids’ appetites for the webtoon. But if webtoons aren’t their thing, there’s also a web novel that debuted the same day. Although it’s only prologue and chapter 1, it updates for free every week. So, make sure your kids subscribe to it to stay informed!

Photo from Webtoon

Why would our ARMY Kids like 7Fates: CHAKHO?

Besides their biases being in a comic, they will have magic and superpowers! It’s a dream come true for our kids who love reading fantasy series. In the prologue, 7FATES: CHAKHO reveals that BTS play hunters who hunt down demonic creatures known as Beom. Soon after, it starts by introducing Jung Kook’s character, Zeha. Here, we see that Zeha originally wanted to find who or what killed his parents but eventually became cynical and gave up. After someone spurs him by recalling some details only he knew, he eventually heads to the mountain where he meets Jimin’s character — Haru who reveals the truth of what happened the night his parents died.

We’re sure that our and our kids’ other biases will come out soon. It just takes a little patience and a ton of self-restraint not to buy those Webtoon Coins to not pass Fast Pass to the next episodes.

Photo from Webtoon

BTS + Magic + Cool Storyline = An Awesome Webtoon

A lot of us may be on the fence about comics but we’re sure the 7FATES: CHAKHO will be an exception to that rule. It tackles Korean mythology in a fun way instead of having our kids stick their heads in a 300-page pictureless, info-overloading book. Besides, we’re sure they’re looking forward to their favorite BTS members wielding their signature weapons like bows, chain sickles, spears, etc. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire our kids to take up martial arts.

Photo from Webtoon

Don’t forget to subscribe to 7FATES: CHAKHO on Webtoons here!

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