Breaking Age and Taking Names: Truths About Retinol

Retinol has many beneficial effects on the skin when managed properly.

Aging is one thing we don’t want people to see. The wrinkles, stress marks, and eye bags—we usually cover all these things with makeup or creams. But when picking out skincare products, we always try looking out for retinol because of two things: how powerful it is and the side effects. Here are some myths that Content Creator and certified dermatologist Dr. Bea Chan broke down.

Myth #1: Retinol thins the skin

“Retinol actually makes skin plumper and thicker,” Dr. Bea Chan clarifies. “Retinol makes our skin produce collagen.”

Collagen helps reinforce our skin which is made up of keratinocytes. It’s also one of the main building blocks for our skin cells and repairs the damage caused by wear and tear. Constant movement leads to the stretching of the skin, which causes wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen fills the gaps in between to help get manage them.

Myth #2: Stop using it if there are side effects!

“You can use it in the morning, or just to be safe, with sunscreen. We’ve grown accustomed to using it at night—so you don’t have to worry about being it unstabilized by light and air,“ explains Dr. Bea Chan.

Skincare is supposed to be comfortable. However, our skin sometimes reacts badly—which can be attributed to a lot of things. But if there’s still a bit of anxiety about using it, try it on a small patch of skin to see if there are any reactions.

Myth #3: No brand has made retinol work!

Actually, some brands have. Kiehl’s proudly presents its Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Retinol Serum. Because the dosage is so small, it gives the skin enough time to respond and adjust to the serum. Plus, the chemical combination of Niacinamide and Retinol makes it more effective. “The good thing about combining (niacinamide and retinol), for the most obvious reasons, of course, is that niacinamide can calm and soothe possibly any irritation or redness that might be caused by retinol,” Dr. Chan states.

Age is No Reason To Stop Caring For Ourselves

“Half my life on this earth is over” — is a common line we often tell other parents and friends to somewhat rationalize why we put self-care and skin care on the back burner. Maybe it’s time to try using some of Kiehl’s Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Retinol Serum for a change.

The Kiehl’s Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Retinol Serum is available on their website: kiehls.com.ph.

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