This Collagen Jelly Can Help Moms Slow Down Signs of Aging

Unilab’s LifeFood debuts its latest collagen jelly in collaboration with Nue Studio.

Most skin products target supplying our bodies with the collagen it needs. We’ve probably heard collagen so many times as the wrinkle solution. But it does have its effects on hair and nails, too. However, while everyone needs to mix it in water, LifeFood introduces its newest way: making it a lychee-tasting, collagen-rich jelly pocket!

Investing in a bit of R&R won’t hurt

Held in the loft-type salon Nue Studio with celebrity hair dresser Fendi Dudi, LifeFood revealed many of its other products alongside the latest collagen jelly snack. Sytrinol, for those who can’t resist a crunchy and rich bagnet or lechon, is one of their cholesterol-busting products. Curcumin was also one of them, for those whose joints feel like they’re 80+ years old. All their products had studies performed to test for their bioavailability or making sure that people’s bodies benefited from at least 90% of the supplement. As moms who are probably trying to avoid making candy out of pills, we’d probably appreciate the collagen jelly snack.

Instead of mixing it with our other pills or water, we can eat it as is. Rip the pack open and squeeze the jelly in. And if kids accidentally eat it, it’s okay. It’s safe.

Collagen helps in the long run

Fighting the signs of aging and taking care of one’s health is a lifelong process. Collagen jelly is loaded with 2,500 mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen that helps keep skin and hair strong. Currently available on Shopee and Lazada, LifeFood makes collagen more accessible and delicious with their new collagen jelly.

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