Chinie Go: 40, Flourishing, and Fabulous

Mompreneur, Model Manager, and Content Creator Chinie Go shares her secrets to a youthful glow at 41 years old.

chinie go
Chinie Go

Chinie Go is definitely living her life to the fullest—always on the move and looking for her next exciting escapade. From beach trips to diving adventures, this multi-faceted modern mom is doing things unapologetically and on her own terms. Moreover, she wears a number of hats—from running a wellness business Hey Mom, being a model manager to personalities like Maureen Wroblewitz, and creating content for her platforms. However, her favorite role of all is being a mother.

In balancing everything, Chinie makes sure to take care of herself. “It’s all about priorities and what I value most,” she shares. “My lifestyle is in synergy with everything I do around me.”

“Most of my activities, I do with my daughter. For me these days, it’s not really about scheduling but what works well for my time and well-being.”

chinie go and daughter snow
With daughter Snow

Chinie Go on embracing her age

Chinie uses her platforms to motivate others. She’s also very vocal about embracing her age. “Confidence isn’t really about aesthetics and material things. It’s an internal feeling of acceptance. That you are beautiful in any age, size, and color.”

“Life doesn’t stop if you reach a certain number. As a matter of fact, life becomes more meaningful because of your experiences. That’s your leverage. It feels good. It feels free.”

Now that she’s in her 40s, she has made a lot of changes in her choices and lifestyle. “Everything from what is valuable and important to mindset and decisions.”

“I’m turning 42. And I no longer value anyone’s unsolicited opinions. If I could give my younger self advice, it would be to love yourself first. Everything is going to be okay. Trust me.”

Modern momager

Every day, Chinie reminds her daughter Snow to believe in herself. “Be kind and let go of things that do not let you grow as a person,” she advises her. “Life is too short to be living to other people’s expectations.”

Being a manager to young models like Maureen, she admits that she treats her like her own daughter. “Be kind. It takes zero centavos to do that,” she always tells her.

chinie go
Chinie with Maureen Wroblewitz

Asked what Chinie’s secret is to staying happy, content, and glowing? “Peace of mind,” she says with a smile.

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