Beauty Queens Cinderella Obeñita and Maureen Montagne are Grateful for Their Families’ Support in Their Pageant Journeys

Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cinderella Obeñita and Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne are looking forward to spending time with their families after competing.

Beauty pageants in the Philippines can be tough and overwhelming. Sometimes, a girl gets distracted easily if she’s not used to the grueling hours of training. Not to mention—the criticism that comes with it especially on social media. Newly crowned queens Miss Intercontinental 2021 Cinderella “Cindy” Obeñita and Miss Globe 2021 Maureen Montagne know this very well.

The two were candidates in Binibining Pilipinas and waited for two years before they were crowned last July 11. Now that they’ve won their respective pageant assignments, both are now looking forward to spending time with their loved ones and families before buckling down to work.

Cinderella Obeñita’s happy ending

Cindy has been competing in local pageants before eventually winning Binibining Pilipinas and the Miss Intercontinental title last October 30. She credits her family for giving her the support and push during the time she has competed.

“The role my family has played is vital in all of my pageant journeys. When I had these emotional challenges, mental breakdowns, they were always there,” Cindy said during an interview last November 23.

She even shared that while competing in Egypt for Miss Intercontinental, her family was just a call away despite the time difference.

“They were just one call away even though we had a six-hour difference from Egypt to the Philippines. They were always online. I can always call them. Talagang napakasupportive nila in all of my journeys and in all of my plans in life. I’m grateful to them.”

With activities scheduled next year as part of her reign, Cindy, who works as a tourism officer in Cagayan de Oro said that she and her team who flew with her to Egypt for the pageant will definitely spend time this Christmas with their families.

“We will celebrate it with our individual families who we have been away from. I have been away from home I think for two years because of Binibini and the delays. But I think it’s rewarding and fruitful. So this Christmas, I really want to physically be with my family because ang dami naming pinagdaanan and talagang matagumpay ang naging results, so I really would want to celebrate with them. They really deserve such a huge celebration,” she said. 

Maureen Montagne’s cheerleaders

Maureen Montagne, who has competed in several pageants before winning Miss Globe said that she is excited to see her parents. Her family resides in the US.

“This will be a touching Christmas for me. I haven’t seen my parents in three years and I’ll finally be seeing my mom and dad after such a long time,” she said. “So coming home with the crown feels so good. My mom actually pushed me to start pageantry. So it’s like a walk down memory lane.”

In a separate interview, Maureen said of her parents, “My mom has been my biggest supporter, my number one fan. She always believed in me. And my dad always said do what makes you happy. If pageantry makes me happy, he is supportive and they have been so.”

Maureen Montagne's cheerleaders
Maureen Montagne

Parents are our number one fans

Regardless of whatever career you choose, parents will be there to cheer you on. You’ll have disagreements when it comes to decisions but at the end of the day, they’ll just be there at your back to guide you and push you to be better and discover what lies ahead of you whether onstage or off stage.

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