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10 COVID-19 Tips for Pregnant Moms From Jessy Mendiola’s Latest Vlog

Jessy Mendiola’s latest vlog offers tips on how to battle COVID-19 while pregnant.

After testing positive for COVID-19 on September 3, Jessy Mendiola documents what she calls the “hardest 11 days of her life”. Being pregnant means some medicines and forms of healing may not be available, leading to more remedies and natural alternatives instead. Here are some tips on how to deal with COVID-19 based on Jessy Mendiola’s latest vlog.

1. Trust your doctor.

Jessy Mendiola often consults Doctor Medina for any questions she has about COVID-19. From doing the COVID-19 tests and using certain remedies to knowing when to take paracetamol, it’s always best to consult someone in the medical field especially when pregnant.

2. A negative COVID-19 test does not mean immune.

Jessy Mendiola vlogged that she had two antigen tests and an RT-PCR. When her first test showed negative, she wanted to be sure and tested herself with an RT-PCR, which was positive. “Just because it’s [the COVID-19 antigen test] is at first negative, does not mean you’re never going to get it. You could get it in the next hour or so,” shares Jessy after taking a self-administered second antigen test in the vlog.

3. There is no shame in using herbal remedies alongside medical ones.

Filipinos are known for using herbal remedies to battle symptoms. Jessy Mendiola does the same in her latest vlog where Doctor Medina advises her to gargle salt and water while she also takes a cup of salabat (Ginger Tea). She adds that Doctor Medina insisted that the salabat tea be made from “natural ingredients”, something that she thanks Ate Lanie for.

4. Keep the circulation in the room free-flowing.

Jessy Mendiola also showed in her vlog that she used an electric fan and air purifier to “remove the virus” from her room. The door was opened to let the clean air come back in and the bad stay out.

5. Naps help lower fevers from COVID-19.

Sleep has been known to help the body fight off fevers. Jessy took a few naps here and there especially when her fever rose back up to 38 degrees.

6. An oximeter is a good investment.

Jessy Mendiola reveals her oximeter on her vlog

One of the common manifestations of COVID-19 is when oxygen levels start dropping. Oximeters monitor oxygen levels in the body and also heart rate which is vital for pregnant moms like Jessy.

7. The vaccine plays a big role in making COVID-19 easier to deal with.

The vaccine has been such a big help to me. I had four shots before getting pregnant. But getting the vaccine doesn’t mean you’re not going to get it,” Jessy Mendiola clarifies on her vlog. “You’re not going to be a superhero and you still might infect others BUT, malakas ang bawas! You won’t get hospitalized, you won’t die, or your symptoms won’t be severe.”

She attributes her symptoms being “very mild” to being boosted and vaccinated, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

8. Try to keep the fun in life.

Having COVID-19 doesn’t mean staring at the ceiling and wall all day. Jessy Mendiola spent a few of her days watching vlogs & K-Dramas, reading books for pregnant moms, and also poking fun at Luis. She even shared a picture of Luis Manzano standing outside her room door like a dejected puppy when she forced him to stay in another room to isolate himself.

Jessy Mendiola's soon-to-be husband, Luis Manzano, being forced to isolate from her. And it's clear he's not happy.

For the ones who need more K-Dramas to watch, Jessy is currently watching the K-Drama Little Women starring Kim Go Eun.

9. It’s okay to feel scared and lonely.

Pregnancy already makes moms-to-be feel a whole rollercoaster of emotions. Add COVID-19 to the mix and it’s one chaotic, emotional theme park. Jessy Mendiola never thought the day would come when she would vlog herself crying. However, a video call from Luis helped settle her feelings. “The need to cry a while ago I think came from Peanut’s and my need to have someone to talk to,” shares Jessy. “But I still have to protect others. I had to isolate myself and force HowHow (her term of endearment for Luis) to stay in another room.”

Jessy Mendiola pregnant with her baby girl, Peanut

Moreover, she gets candid in her vlog about what every preggy mom fears: the virus affecting their baby.

Kung ako lang ‘to, rock ‘n roll lang ako. Okay lang,” Jessy admits with tears during her vlog. “Pero siyempre, I have a baby. I have a baby inside of me. I’m hoping it won’t affect my baby.”

The greatest fear of any mom-to-be is getting sick while pregnant. But even with the fears and tears, Jessy spoke to Little Peanut and assured her that she was still fighting. “I love you, my little Peanut,” she soothes her soon-to-be-born baby girl in her vlog.

Another way she dealt with fear and loneliness was to pray the rosary at night. Specifically, she prayed to St. Gerard Majella for Peanut.

10. Don’t let COVID-19 scare you from the person.

While it’s okay to be paranoid and scared of COVID-19, it’s not okay when it turns into discrimination. “There’s a stigma for those who get negative results from COVID-19 that some people still think that they might have it even after quarantine,” Jessy shares in her vlog.

Jessy Mendiola’s Vlog Spreads Awareness That COVID-19 is Still Here

Jessy Mendiola’s vlog is proof that COVID-19 spares nobody. Not only is it physically distressful but emotionally as well because of the isolation. But Jessy hopes that her vlog helps spread awareness and to let other preggy moms know that they’re not alone.

Follow the rest of Jessy Mendiola’s 11-day bout with COVID-19 through her vlog.

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