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Date-worthy Restaurants in BGC for Valentine’s Day: 2024 Edition

Valentine’s Day is coming up! If you’re looking for a date spot for you and your partner, here are some restaurants in the BGC area that are worth going to.

BGC or Bonifacio Global City is like a miniature New York; it’s one that bustling and full of Instagram-worthy spots and gastronomic restaurants. While known as a city that often celebrates the nightlife with many bars and clubs to check out, there are just as many restaurants nearby to settle down for a romantic date.

Here are some date-worthy restaurants in BGC worth visiting!

10 Must-visit Restaurants in BGC for Valentine’s Day

Source: Locavore

1. Locavore

Serving Filipino classics with a contemporary twist, Locavore has restaurants in two cities: one in Pasig at Estancia Mall and the other one in BGC. They also serve kid-friendly dishes like their Mac’s Fried chicken, which they serve with a Japanese mayo-cheese dip, and their Streetfood Platter.

But their savory Pancit Luglog Ala Carte which they toss in a prawn bisque and assorted seafood is a must-try!

Source: Wildflour Italian

2. Wildflour Italian

Wildflour Italian‘s sudden rise as a popular restaurant comes from both their bread and pastries, alongside takes on classic and beloved Italian dishes and their date-worthy rustic interior. Some of their beloved dishes include the Pasta Alla Norma—a classic pasta recipe that emphasizes the sweetness and fruitiness of the vegetables and the Organic Rotisserie Chicken for those who need protein.

Source: Nono’s

3. Nono’s

The brightly lit Nono’s is a favorite for both families and couples. Besides their good-for-sharing orders, they also have a bakery where they can take home delightfully sweet goodies like their Almond Toffee Crunch.

And yes, they do comfort food right! Their crunchy and juicy Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken pairs well with their palate-cleansing Nono’s Salad.

Source: Single Origin

4. Single Origin

Working parents who find coffee dates romantic may find BGC’s Single Origin a perfect fit! Besides offering cocktails, they also offer interesting Espresso-based creations to enjoy with their croffles—a cross between a croissant and a waffle.

Those with a sweet tooth may fall in love with their Creme Bruleé and their Maple Cold Brew, whereas those who prefer traditional flavors will prefer their Cibolla.

Source: Murray’s New Orleans Jazz Kitchen

5. Murray’s New Orleans Jazz Kitchen

Looking forward to splurging on some crab and seafood? Murray’s New Orleans Jazz Kitchen is one such place with many American classics as part of the menu. Their various oyster dishes like the flavorful Baked Oyster Bienville and the classic savory Oyster Rockefeller are date-worthy favorites, especially for a wine and dine kind of date.

Plus, they play soft jazz music in the restaurant to set the mood!

Source: Mamou

6. Mamou

Mamou made a name for itself in BGC as a restaurant that serves delicious steak. The meaty selection ranges from the Angus USDA prime rib to even the most mouthwatering lamb chops. But for those who are avoiding red meat nowadays, their culinary selection includes a combination of both Italian and continental pieces—serving the rich and cream Lorenzo’s Truffle Cream or the tangy Lobster Linguine.

Source: Mogu by Chef Seiji

7. Mogu by Chef Seiji

Craving some Japanese food? Mogu by Chef Seiji is worth a try! As a modern Japanese restaurant that claims to serve “Japanese favorites done well,” many of their dishes include bento box teppan and beloved street foods like Takoyaki.

They also do Japanese-style pizzas, which pair well with some cold sake.

Source: Wolfgang Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener

8. Wolfgang Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener

Steak is the usual fare for Valentine’s dates, so Wolfgang Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener in BGC is definitely going to have reservations until next month! As one of the premier wine-and-dine restaurants in BGC, their steaks are dry-aged, which means that they retain a lot of their juices—even after being in storage for a while.

Not a beef eater or a fan of beef? They also have an oyster bar that features oysters from different places.

Source: La Picara

9. La Picara

Looking for an alfresco date spot with wine and the usual tapas? La Picara offers Spanish delights with a vibrant and playful twist!

For delicious starters, go for the creamy and tart Patatas Bravas or the rich Wagyuu Sliders. Next, indulge in their melt-in-the-mouth Beef Cheeks or sweet Ibérico Pork Ribs. Don’t forget to finish or enjoy the meal with a glass of the Sangría Pícara.

Source: Savage by Chef Boutwood

10. Savage by Chef Boutwood

Ember’s Chef Boutwood created Savage to showcase his more raw culinary creations. Using smoking techniques to flavor his food, his dishes pay tribute to what he calls “pre-industrial techniques.” The lightly simmered tangy and tart Chilean Mussels, which come with his famous grilled sourdough bread, go well with his version of Caesar Salad—known as the Charred Romaine.

Find many date-worthy restaurants in the lifestyle hub that is BGC!

BGC is not just home to many BPOs and foreign offices—but also to restaurants that are exclusive only to the city.

And since February 14 is on a Wednesday, most dates will need to be near the offices, especially for working parents. But the best part about having a date in BGC? There’s always something to do after dining in one of the restaurants. Just make sure to reserve before everyone else does!

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