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How The RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card Empowers Your Lifestyle

RCBC introduces an all-new debit card that brings lifestyle preferences to the spotlight while securing the future for generations to come.

There’s a part of us that always wonders how to make our money roll farther or get more quality investments for our family to live off of when we pass on. From building your own business to ensuring your children can successfully manage it when retirement comes,  to investing in quality assets to make sure our future generations can build their own legacies, RCBC has always been a partner, helping its clients realize their vision and goals in order to build a lasting legacy. Now with the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card, it complements that banking experience with exclusive perks and privileges that are custom to our preferred lifestyle.

The best part is that the card itself is a sign that we’re also investing in a sustainable legacy for our family’s future. The card is made from a biodegradable material, BioPVC, to lessen the amount of plastics used.

Building that lasting legacy with RCBC Wealth

We all deserve to reap the rewards from the hard work we’ve poured into building our wealth. As we all have our own vision and financial goals, it is important that we entrust the fruits of our hard work with a reliable partner such as RCBC Wealth. They provide insightful investment strategies and match them with the right opportunities to help achieve financial success so that our legacy continues to support our future generations. In RCBC Wealth, there are dedicated relationship managers who can provide financial expertise and guidance to those who want to maximize their wealth and cater to their financial goals. As this gives us peace of mind, we can create plans that allow us more time to build memories and our legacy with family.

Building our legacy and enjoying life

While securing our wealth comes first, the experiential factor of wealth is just as important, the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card provides that experience with various privileges such as access to exclusive airport lounges, cruises, hotels, and resorts and even global access to a world-leading collection of 10,000 restaurants. Powered by Mastercard, we also have access to a 24/7 concierge service. That way, all travel plans proceed smoothly. All we need to do is enjoy our time with the family.

And with many shops transitioning to e-commerce, growing our wealth requires having digital access too. RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard card grants access to exclusive deals that help us minimize the short-term costs but maximize the long-term benefits. You also get 20% rebate from over 400 international offers. To secure their transactions, cardholders can also get up to USD 200 E-commerce Protection when they use their RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card to shop online.

Invest In Today To Create A Brighter Future For Generations To Come

While the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card allows us to enjoy the finer things in life that fit our preferred lifestyle, it also allows us to treat our families to experience the same things. We expose them to the various pleasures and joys of the present, creating memories with them that also encourage them to invest in the future. Our wealth, right now, is a resource — a means to an end — that when we invest purposefully will make sure our children and our children’s children always live in comfort.

For more about the RCBC Wealth Platinum Debit Mastercard Card, you may contact Customer Service at +632 8877-7222.

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