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“He’s Our Strength”: Elisse Joson Shares Sweet Message for McCoy de Leon

A week before Father’s Day, Elisse Joson pens a message for longtime partner McCoy de Leon, pointing out that he will always be her and Felize’s source of strength

Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon’s relationship has been in the spotlight since they first met on Pinoy Big Brother. And while they had their fair share of ups and downs, the two continue to lift each other up just like how Elisse Joson does through a sweet advanced Father’s Day message.

In the post, she wrote: ” Not everyone will understand how good of a person you are, how soft of a man you are, how you manage to become a father in your 20’s, how freedom was taken from you in your prime, how you still finding yourself.”

She also mentioned the hard work McCoy does to provide for them, be a family man, and brother.

What people don’t see according to Elisse

In the same post, Elisse shared other things people don’t see what McCoy does, pointing out that healing comes in different forms when she hurts him.

“For me and Felize, he is our strength. He is our family. He is what Felize has,” she said of her partner.

“Mccoy ko, These pictures are not enough. But I hope these moments remind you that for the people that matter.. we see you, we hear you, we appreciate you.”

Elisse Joson's compilation of messages from McCoy
Photo from elissejosonn Instagram

Elisse and McCoy introduced Felize back in 2021. The couple took their daughter for her birthday in Hong Kong last April.

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