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Experiencing Mom Rage Doesn’t Make You a Bad Mother

Mom rage is just as real as mom guilt. But just because you get angry, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother.

Mom rage is real and most of the time, it happens when a mother’s needs aren’t being met. Mothers are human beings after all. And they’re also allowed to feel overstimulated, touched out, or burned out. Mom rage can also show up in different ways such as outbursts of anger, being triggered easily, having a short fuse, and being irritable.

mom rage

Moreover, it happens when moms lack sleep and support, their care work is not being valued, there’s a lack of boundaries, they have mood and anxiety disorders, a lot of pressure is put on them, and there are unrealistic expectations to always be patient, nurturing, and maternal.

Having mom rage doesn’t make you love your children less

Many times, moms don’t understand why they feel so angry. This is despite loving being a mom and loving their children unconditionally. Because of this, moms end up feeling guilty and beating themselves up over it. And that’s also problematic.

When a mom experiences rage, it’s a sign that something deeper is going on. So it’s important to focus on the root of the cause and try to address it. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help as well—whether help with the baby or help with the chores at home. Seeking professional help counts, too. Know that doing any of these doesn’t make you any less of a mother.

You’re not alone, momma!

If you’re experiencing mom rage, know that you are not alone. Try to discover your triggers at the core and find ways to offload some of the pressure you’re feeling. Many moms find it helpful to talk to their support groups, which often consist of other moms. This can help validate your feelings, meet your needs, and even pinpoint your triggers. Additionally, acknowledging what you’re going through can help you become the best mother and best version of yourself.

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