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Fabio Ide and Ellen Fröjd’s Little Vikings

Fabio Ide and Ellen Fröjd’s introduction to parenthood was rocky and unexpected. Today, they bask in the joy of raising their twins Maya and Luna.

This story appeared in the Modern Parenting Mother’s Day and Father’s Day May 2024 issue.

Having twins was a surprise for Fabio Ide and Ellen Fröjd when they found out that they were expecting, especially after they suffered from a miscarriage the year before. “We don’t have twins in [both sides of] the family, so it never crossed our minds that it would happen,” Fabio tells Modern Parenting.

The Brazilian actor and model recalls being confused when his Swedish girlfriend, Ellen broke the news that they were having twins. “When she took off her mask and said, ‘We’re having twins,’ I jumped from my chair… I don’t know how many minutes, days, or months it took us to really realize what we were getting into.”

Although she was excited, Ellen admitted she was worried and had so many questions. “Are they going to be okay? Am I going to be okay? I was so excited, but also very nervous at the same time,” she shares, adding, “We were just smiling, I mean we were so excited and so happy that we were going to be blessed with two.”

Fabio Ide and Ellen Fröjd with their twin daughters

An unexpected challenge

Ellen admits not recalling much because everything was happening so fast and everyone was rushing. Yet within that whirlwind, Maya and Luna were born. As the twins were premature and had complications, they were placed in incubators, and the couple went back and forth to the NICU for weeks. Like any mom, Ellen was worried for her daughters’ survival.

“Fabio took some videos when they were [in the incubators], they had tubes down their throats, they had IV drips everywhere. Even if you want to see your kids, it was still very, very difficult to see them like that,” Ellen describes the situation, adding that the twins had to stay in the hospital for around 50 days.

Despite the harrowing experience, Fabio and Ellen were grateful to the medical staff for helping them get through those difficult days so they could be with their twins. It took a toll on them in so many ways, but it was a test of patience, faith, and courage.

Coming home

Fabio shares that no one was happier to see the twins come home than their older sister, Dannie. “She’s been super supportive. She’s been very sweet to her sisters,” Fabio gushes of his eldest.

Although Dannie may be his daughter from a previous relationship, Fabio emphasizes they are family regardless of what people may say. “I want Dannie to also grow in a family environment, knowing that she’s an ate, she belongs here, this is her home, this is her family,” he said of their blended family. “They’re not her half-sisters, they’re her sisters, period. One hundred percent.”

For Ellen, cultural differences have never been an issue. “I believe that cultures are really based on values. It’s based on what is important in life — how you value life, how you value family, and everything around you. So if you have the same values and priorities, cultures kind of come with it and it kind of adapts to each other.”

Looking at their posts on social media, the couple have called their twins ‘Vikings,’ and aptly so. “The way that Maya and Luna were brought into the world, they had to fight for their lives the second they were born,” Fabio shares. “And now when we look at them, they look healthy, and they’re growing fast. They are definitely little fighters.

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