Families Who Are Into Sports Will Definitely Enjoy Reading The GAME

Moms, dads, and kids who either play sports or are into sports will love the stories published on The GAME.

After 31 years of serving the standard for Filipino media excellence and establishing pioneering titles, One MEGA Group has ventured into sports entertainment and lifestyle. Today, they officially launched its first sports title, The GAME, at the Snaps Sports Bar, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. With James Leonard Cruz as the founder, the newest media brand aims to serve aspirational sports lifestyle stories. These will truly speak to the whole family.

james leonard cruz the game
James Leonard Cruz

CEO Archie Carrasco shares that he is thrilled about the launch of the newest title. “With the launching of The GAME, we hope to amplify and elevate the stories of all the people and events that make up the sports community through the lens of the Filipino experience. I’m very excited to see the sports community have their stories told in a meaningful way, and to receive the love they truly deserve.”

Redefining How Sports are Viewed

Athletes have always been at the forefront of sports. After all, there is no game without the player. But there would also be no game without other cogs playing the part. The GAME will change the way families view sports. They intend to shed light on each and every individual in the community. “There is no bigger inspiration of founding The GAME than being able to show love to the entire sports community. We believe that the individuals and groups that make up the entire sports ecosystem deserve more love. And we’re here to give that to them,” Cruz narrates.

The GAME’s Editorial Team L-R: Annika Canza, Amanda Fernandez, James Leonard Cruz, and Ryan Paglinawan

Behind Every Athlete is a Family and Village of Supporters

One MEGA Group’s AVP for Publishing and mother of six, Marga Tupaz, gave a speech during the launch.

“The GAME is a media brand that I believe in and am personally advocating for. There is so much more to sports than just competition. I’m not an athlete but I am raising athletes. So I know a thing or two about intense training and competitions, dealing with setbacks and heartbreaks, and all the sacrifices athletes have to make for the love of the game.”

“Behind every athlete is a family, teammates, coaches, supporters, league and tournament organizers, a medical team, a community, and so on. Sports are often nostalgic for viewers as well. However, not all storytelling of sports is created equal. The GAME is here not just to tell stories. They will educate, entertain, and inspire through driving brand affinity.”

Carefully designed to be an aspirational sports lifestyle media brand, The GAME will chronicle the latest industry news, historical wins, and iconic stories that feature various perspectives in the community. “The sincere goal and mission of The GAME is to be able to play its part in elevating and upgrading the overall Filipino sports experience. This is through socially responsible content and entertainment,” Cruz adds. For the founder, it is also equally important to help the industry advance and grow in whatever capacity the media brand can.

A New and Fresh Take on Sports Media

Captured on The GAME’s inaugural issue is the recent victory of the Philippine Women’s National Football Team (PWNFT). Highlighting their groundbreaking win, the team wanted to honor and recognize the talent that Filipinas can offer as they continue to break barriers in the world of sports. “Putting them on the cover sends a clear message that The GAME is a new and fresh take on sports media,” Cruz says. 

The GAME will power through sports lifestyle and entertainment. Cruz shares, “Like any new, young brand, we are very eager to explore and meet with everyone to find out how we can work together. We believe one way or another that our mission ties us together through our mutual passion for sports.”

the game editorial team

Moving the industry forward, The GAME is ready to begin!

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