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FAQs about Monkeypox: What Parents Need To Know

Out with COVID-19, in with the new Monkeypox Virus.

As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough, there’s a new virus known as Monkeypox. Although originally discovered in 1958, its resurfacing proves that something has changed either in the environment or possibly the virus itself. While the WHO and CDC are still conducting their research, the danger assessment for the said virus is low. But it doesn’t hurt to know what it does and how to avoid it.

Will Monkeypox be like COVID-19?

Currently, it looks like it won’t. Monkeypox, unlike COVID-19, is not contagious until the infected person has symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that Monkeypox is currently only transferrable through sexual contact or through bodily fluids. This is why our kids need better sex ed. To avoid potential disasters like these.

Can our kids get Monkeypox?

If the kids have been vaccinated against smallpox then, the chances of them getting monkeypox are pretty slim. Monkeypox and Smallpox are so similar in appearance, it’s no surprise they’re somewhat the same in structure, too! Although vaccines don’t provide complete immunity, they make sure the symptoms are not death-threatening.

How does one know they have it?

Monkeypox presents itself as a rash and the flu. The rash, however, will look like solid, white pustules, and will usually cluster in one area. These areas often involve the face and arms but, recently, it’s shown to be on the groin area as well. Another way to tell is if your lymph nodes are swollen. These are under the chin and the sides of your neck.

Where is it now?

Currently, it’s going around the US and Africa. There’s no sign of it coming to the Philippines yet. But as the old saying goes, “Prevention is far better than cure.” Getting vaccinated against Smallpox can provide a good immunity since there’s no specific cure for the new virus yet. The best thing to do now is to make sure the whole family’s vaccinations are updated so that when it does come, everyone is safe.

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