Heart Evangelista Pens Letter for 4th Angel After Suffering Miscarriage

On Mother’s Day, Heart Evangelista shared that she once again suffered a miscarriage.

It’s never easy when a mom-to-be loses a child. Actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista has been candid in sharing her miscarriage experience and sadly on Mother’s Day, she confirmed that she lost what could have been another child, a boy she named FrancisKo.

“A few days ago our baby boy’s heart stopped beating, this will be our 4th angel,” she shared on Instagram accompanied by a photo of her letter to FrancisKo. ” And although this could be one of my biggest heartbreaks, thank YOU for still for trying to be with me and for making me feel so much love already . Love and hope that this world could never give I love you ‘FrancisKo’, I shall keep my heart intact while you find your way back to us.”

She also shared a short message to moms and those who want to be moms. “To all the mothers, fur moms, mothers to friends, thank you for your heart and all the women like me going through the same struggle, Happy Mother’s Day.”

Several of her friends in the fashion and showbiz industry sent their messages of encouragement and love.

Early this year, Heart Evangelista confirmed that she and her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero went through a miscarriage. The baby would have been named Sophia Heart.

She has also previously discussed IVF with another publication, admitting it was one the biggest challenges she went through.

Getting pregnant is not as easy as everyone thinks

Heart Evangelista, who married Chiz in 2015 first announced she got pregnant in 2018. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage and confirmed it would have been twins.

As she made a name for herself in the fashion industry, Heart also went through criticism after criticism about having a child, reminding bashers out there that getting pregnant is not as easy as they think.

So a reminder to people out there about telling women to get pregnant – be careful of your words, most especially when one just lost a child. Nothing indeed beats being joyful about the possibility of having a baby but sometimes, it’s not as easy especially when the pregnancy can be difficult for many women out there.

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