Here’s What We Know About American Idol’s Tyson Venegas

Tyson Venegas wows the judges of American Idol and wins the Platinum Ticket! But who is he?

The love for music is present in every Filipino, especially in 17-year-old Filipino-Canadian Tyson Venegas, who won the Platinum Ticket from American Idol after wowing judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. And that’s a big thing because, unlike the golden ticket that most contestant gets, the platinum ticket allows them to advance immediately to the second round. Here’s what else we know about him:

1. He’s the first winner of the Platinum Ticket of the season.

The Platinum Ticket became a mechanic during American Idol Season 20, in which the judges give only one contestant in three auditioning cities. It just so happens that Tyson got the very first one for this season! The teen writes on his Instagram, “I hit the jackpot! I’m going to Hollywood! This is a dream come true!”

He also posted a video of him swiping it through on his Instagram as if trying to make sure the moment sinks into his memory.

2. His muse for music? Lionel Richie!

According to his mom, Iris, Tyson was inspired by Lionel Richie. “One of his very first concerts was Lionel Richie, and he was inspired by you (Lionel). That’s where he learned to sing from his heart and tell stories,” Iris said.  

To which Lionel Richie responded after his performance. “Well, we flip the switch now, I inspired him back then. He just inspired us today. Let me tell you, that performance was spot-on professional.”

3. He was part of The Voice Teens Philippines

Tyson Venegas is not a stranger to the stage as he was one contestant in The Voice Teens Philippines back in 2020 under Black-Eyed Peas’ Apl de Ap but withdrew despite winning against Josh Nubla prior to the Knockouts.

4. Tyson Venegas has a love for classic songs.

He has a love for old songs, as his audition was Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” which he also performed back then on The Voice Teens Philippines 2020 blindfolded as a tribute to Stevie Wonder. His debut song was A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke.

Source: Tyson Venegas IG

5. He’s sung with other big stars!

Besides performing in Sarah McLachlan’s school of music, he’s performed with big names like Bruno Mars, too!

6. He already has original songs!

As someone who plays both piano and guitar, Tyson Venegas has already written two original songs: What If and Never Give Up. Unfortunately, it’s not available at the moment on Spotify but you can hear the rest of his covers on his YouTube channel!

7. He also enjoys streaming his performances for charities.

Tyson Venegas is aware of what it means to give back. He’s performed for multiple charities and fundraisers, including Children’s Hospital, Variety Children’s Telethon, and Canuck’s Place. He streams his performances on both TikTok and Instagram.

Music is the source of joy in many Filipinos!

Whenever Filipinos have parties, it wouldn’t be complete without a karaoke machine. From belting to laughing together, music is what brings Filipino families together. Tyson Venegas, although he grew up in Canada, has that same affinity as well. While he may not be the first Filipino to join American Idol, may he be the first grand winner of the contest!

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