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Iza Calzado and Bianca King Celebrate Deia and Sadie’s Christening

Iza Calzado and Bianca King together with their husbands Ralph and Ben Wintle held a double celebration to welcome their kids to the Christian world.

Weeks before they turn 1, Deia and Sadie Wintle, daughters of Iza Calzado and Bianca King had a double christening on January 13. The cousins wore baptismal gowns created by Rajo Laurel.

Several of their close friends were in attendance to be godparents. Spotted were Iza’s manager Noel Ferrer, Nix Alanon, Chesca Kramer, Cheska Iñigo, Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief Candy Dizon, and Iza’s co-founder in She Talk Lynn Pinugu.

In a post, Iza wrote: “Our precious daughter, you are a blessing that has brought us great joy and love. We celebrate your baptism and pray that you will be guided and supported by God, your godparents, and loved ones as you discover and fulfill your purpose in this world. Welcome to the Christian world, Deia Amihan!”

Source: missizacalzado and benmwintle Instagram

Cocoon Studio, who took the photos and video shared a reel of the highlights.

Bianca King and Iza Calzado with their daughters, Deia Amihan and Sadie Harlow
Source: missizacalzado and cocoonstudioph Instagram

Growing fast

Iza and Bianca, who were weeks apart in giving birth to their daughters, shared some of their experiences as first-time moms. In an interview with Modern Parenting, Bianca said that the first few months after Sadie’s arrival was a challenge.

Bianca King with Ralph Wintle and Sadie Harlow blowing out their Christening Cake
Iza Calzado with Ben Wintle and Deia Amihan blowing out their Christening Cake

Source: Iza Calzado IG and Cocoon Studio

“I felt very isolated and lonely—like pregnancy and motherhood in general is already very isolating. Even if you have a village around you, there’s so many emotional and psychological challenges to go through,” she said. Good thing she heard stories from first-time moms as well to help her cope.

 “Hearing stories of how women cope helped me. There are so many Filipinos all over the world who decided to move and are away from their families and they give birth. And they’re all alone as new moms!”

Iza meanwhile on the other hand has learned to take things in stride. ” “From the time that I got pregnant with Deia until now, [I’ve learned that] love trumps fear. I was operating from a place of fear for so many reasons: career, my weight, my body, which I was and am still working hard to love and embrace, mental health, family history, financial worries… I can go on and on. But then she came, and my God, I was just instantly filled with love.” 

The cousins are set to celebrate their birthdays soon and we can’t wait for the party!

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