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Iza Calzado Documents Her Postpartum Journey

Iza Calzado, who introduced her daughter Deia Amihan to the public, wrote the challenges she encountered regarding postpartum.

Just like other first-time mothers, actress Iza Calzado has also been recovering from birth. In an Instagram post on March 30, Iza, who introduced her daughter Deia Amihan with her husband Ben Wintle, gave some insights into her journey as a mom in the first few weeks.

“This photo was taken a few days after giving birth, right after I cried so hard from a few ‘failures’ I felt I had as a new mother mixed with the deep love I was feeling for my child, the kind I have never felt for anyone before,” she wrote.

“It’s quite a punch, the first few days, weeks post birth. Hindi siya madali. I am still recovering from it all but every day gets better and better. I am in my ninth-week postpartum and we are a few weeks away from completing the fourth trimester. This is, by far, the most challenging yet fulfilling journey I have been on and I know it is only the beginning,” the She Talk Asia co-founder added.”

Iza on navigating motherhood

Although she has just been a mother for a few weeks, Iza said that she is navigating the new journey with how she knows – with faith, compassion, gratitude, and love along with the support of her family and friends.

She also added that she will be sharing more of her journey as a mother when the time is right.

“What a ride! I am becoming, I am evolving into — wait, I am a Mother! An imperfectly perfect Mother to my precious child, Deia. Biruin mo yun? A gift indeed. Thank You, Lord!”

It was in August when Iza announced that she and Ben were going to be parents. The couple welcomed Deia Amihan last January 26.

Aside from Deia Amihan, Iza’s sister-in-law, actress, and content creator Bianca King also gave a glimpse of her baby with Ralph Wintle, Ben’s brother.

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