JC De Vera: Growing Into His Role As A Girl Dad

In celebration of Father’s Day month, actor JC De Vera gives Modern Parenting an exclusive sneak peek into his life as a dad of two adorable girls

JC De Vera, a name synonymous with talent and versatility in the Filipino entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with his remarkable performances on screen since 2003. Known for his standout roles in The Legal Wife (2014), The General’s Daughter (2019), and more recently, La Vida Lena (2021) and Nag-aapoy na Damdamin (2023), JC’s showbiz career has been marked by a steady ascent to stardom. But beyond the glitz and glamour of show business, he now embraces a role that eclipses all others: that of a devoted family man.

Married to Rikkah Cruz since 2018, JC De Vera is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Lana (6 years old) and Laura (1 year old). His journey into fatherhood has brought an additional dimension to his life, one filled with joy, responsibility, and something new to navigate: being a “girl dad”. 

Journey to Fatherhood

Fatherhood has brought about a profound transformation in JC De Vera. His journey as a father began in 2018 when he and his wife, Rikkah Cruz, welcomed their first daughter, Lana. Several years after, Laura was born. 

Yung eldest, normally, siya yung nakaka-experience ng trial and error, especially for first-time parents, diba? So, pag nung dumating na yung second one, partly, alam na namin yung gagawin, and then we know what we want for the second child,” he shares.

Reflecting on the differences in raising his two daughters, Lana and Laura, who were born five years apart, JC notes, “Somehow, it became easier… mejo alam na namin yung gagawin, and then we are more sure with the second child.” 

This smooth transition into parenting the second time around is a testament to JC and Rikkah’s growing confidence and experience as parents. “We actually, we get excited pa nga, parang mas curious kami kung ano yung magiging itsura nila and how will they be like as individuals and as sisters in the future,” JC shares. 

“We want them to be best friends talaga. And then, whatever happens, yun yung nasa isip namin na if wala na kami, they should really love and take care of each other as sila na lang ang maiiwan.”

Balancing Fame and Family Life

As a leading man onscreen, JC’s career demands can be intense, often pulling him away from home for extended periods. He shared, “Before, nung kakapanganak pa lang ni Lana, nasa isip ko palagi na I have to really work hard… gusto kong mag provide and gusto kong bigyan sila ng comfortable life.” 

However, with the arrival of their second child, JC has become more mindful of balancing his professional commitments with family time, emphasizing the need to slow down when needed. “So, I think that’s one thing na kailangan ko talaga i-adjust is yung pagpili kung anong trabaho yung gagawin ko, para there are days in a week na I could be just at home para mapaglingkuran ko pa rin sila,” he conveys. 

“So, what I do, one project at a time. Hindi na pwede yung may teleserye ka, then you do a movie, then you do rackets on the weekend.”

By carefully selecting projects and scheduling breaks between shoots, he ensures that he can spend quality time with his daughters, attend Lana’s school activities, be present for Laura’s milestones and maintain a strong relationship with Rikkah. It is no surprise that work-life balance is something a modern dad must learn to navigate, too. It’s not just a hot topic for moms these days. 

Lessons from Industry Friends

JC’s close friendship with fellow actor John Prats has also provided invaluable support. John, who has three children, including two daughters, has shared insights on balancing fatherhood with a demanding career. 

JC recalls, “Si John Prats talaga during that time yung nakakausap konung nagkaroon ako [ng daughter], ang dami akong tinatanong sa kanya, how is it like? He gave me tips about being a girl-dad while being a supportive husband. Watching other dads on the set also showed me that it’s possible to work and be there for your family.”

This camaraderie among industry peers has helped JC navigate the complexities of being a father while pursuing his passion for acting. Neither had to give. 

Growing Into a Girl-Dad

Growing into the role of a girl-dad has been a transformative journey for JC De Vera, reshaping his understanding of fatherhood and expanding his emotional repertoire.

Raised in an all-boys environment, JC initially found the prospect of raising daughters daunting. “I grew up having two brothers. All boys kami, even my friends growing up. When nalaman ko na magkakaroon ako ng girl, wala akong idea kung paano,” he admits. 

However, with the unwavering support of his wife, Rikkah, he embraced the challenge. “Si Rikkah helped me a lot. Siya yung nag guide talaga sa akin on what to do and what not to do,” he shares. 

This journey has taught him patience, compassion, and the importance of being a present parent, as he strives to foster a nurturing and respectful environment for his daughters. 

During our shoot, it was impressive to see JC be so hands-on with his daughters. He was assisting with dressing them up, taking care of them while Rikkah was in glam, and we hear that he is also very active in Lana’s school. It is a reflection of his desire to cherish each stage of his daughters’ growth.

“What we’re trying to do is, you know, try to break the generational patterns that we all got used to growing up. Dads were all work and the job of raising kids was the moms’ responsibility. That’s not how it is anymore kasi equal na ang role ng parents,” JC notes, showing his commitment to being a loving and present father who champions gentle parenting through open communication and emotional growth. 

JC and Rikkah: The Modern Parents

JC De Vera’s success as a father thus far has been profoundly shaped by the steadfast support of his wife, Rikkah. Raising daughters was initially challenging for JC, but Rikkah’s guidance was invaluable. 

JC’s mindfulness and Rikkah’s influence has been particularly crucial in adapting to his parenting style to fit their daughters’ needs, as JC notes, “We are both aware that we have to try to balance everything, our roles, our time, pati din yung dynamics namin as a family. There are so many factors to consider pagdating sa parenting pero for us, we are aware that we are not perfect and madami pa din kaming dapat matutunan.” 

The couple’s collaborative approach to parenting has fortified their bond, allowing them to make thoughtful decisions together. 

JC, wife Rikkah and their daughters Lana and Laura

“We plan together kasi. We talk about everything. So, without one another’s opinion, it’s hard to make big decisions,” JC explains. This teamwork ensures that their family remains close-knit, even amidst JC’s demanding career schedule. 

He shares, “Yung opinion ng wife ko is really important for me kasi she’s my teammate and I know ganon din siya sa akin.” It is clear that JC upholds his wife’s role in every way, both in personal and professional matters of his life. 

As they try to keep up with the times to be more effective parents, most of the values they instill in their children are the same ones they grew up with, peppered with the lessons they’ve learned, and are still learning, along the way.  

The Priceless Gift of Family

At the end of the day, JC De Vera’s greatest joy lies in the irreplaceable moments shared with his daughters and wife. He reflects, “I think sila na yung pinaka magandang regalo at blessing na binigay sa akin.” 

JC’s heartfelt dedication to his family is evident in every aspect of his life, from his careful project choices to his involvement in his daughters’ daily activities. “I want to be there sa bawat milestone nila,” JC states, “There’s no amount of money or work na makakapantay sa meron akong family ko.”

This Father’s Day, we celebrate JC not just for his achievements onscreen, but for the heartwarming dedication he shows to his family. Whether he’s taking on a challenging role in a drama series or reading bedtime stories to his little girls, JC’s passion and commitment shine through, showing us what it truly means to show up as a family man each and every day.






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