Single Mom Jennica Garcia Trends for Her Role on Dirty Linen

Jennica Garcia, who is a mother of two and is currently seen on Dirty Linen, has been a single mom for two years now.

Dirty Linen star Jennica Garcia confirmed that she has been a single mom for two years now. Speaking on DJ Hai Ho’s show Hotspot last February 2, the daughter of actress Jean Garcia said that as much as possible she would not really want to get into the details of the separation from her estranged husband Alwyn Uytingco as she respects the time they had together.

“I don’t think talaga na darating ang araw na magiging bukas ako sa isang open interview para pag-usapan kung bakit ito natapos, kung ano ang nangyari. Out of my respect na rin kay Alwyn and his family, more importantly s’yempre, ‘yung parents niya,” she said.

“Ayoko kasing dumating sa punto na hindi ako makakatingin kay Mama Liza, ‘yung mommy ni Alwyn. Ayokong dumating yung araw na hindi ako makakatingin sa mata niya dahil may nasabi akong hindi maganda pa tungkol sa anak niya.”

Jennica added that despite the separation, she always thinks of Alwyn’s parents as a family. She also confirmed that it’s been two years since the separation. They tied the knot back in 2014.

However, Jennica and Alwyn are ironing things out as co-parents to their daughters Mori and Severina.

Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia with Mori and Severina

Trending on Social Media due to Dirty Linen

In the same interview, Jennica shared her reaction after she trended because of an episode of Dirty Linen, where she plays the role of Lala. It was through her co-star Christian Bables that she discovered her name trending on Twitter.

“Minumura niya ako sa phone,” Jennica recalled her conversation with Christian. “Sabi ko ano ka ba. Bakit gini-G ka dyan. Sabi niya PI ka. Trending ka. Sabi ko anong trending?”

“Sabi niya trending ka sa Twitter. Top trending ka. Sabi ko ano yung top trending? Tapos sabi niya number one ka. Tapos sabi ko nanginginig ako, sabi ko saglit lang. Pagtingin ko sa Twitter, si Janine [Gutierrez] naman nag-tweet.”

That’s when Jennica realized that she was trending for her performance. She later logged out of social media and lit a candle to calm herself and say a thank you prayer.

When it comes to her two kids Mori, 7, and Alessi, 4, Jennica makes sure to be present as much as she can with the two of them.

“I think ang sekreto talaga is time management. And syempre, no matter how busy I am, ito kasi palagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na I shouldn’t forget to make eye contact with my children. And really go down on my knees so that we are on the same level – yung height ba para alam lang nila na nanay is present,” she shared.

“Kailangan lang talaga mindfulness when you are a working mom. Tapos palagi kong sinasabi sa mga anak ko yes anak, I’m here ibig sabihin maka-level na kami naka-eye contact na ako. Tapos whatever conversation we have sinasasabi ko na anak, ikaw ang pinaka-importante tao para sa akin. Lahat ng ginagawa ko, lahat para sa kinabukasan niyo.”

Dirty Linen airs Monday to Friday evening on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Channel, YouTube, A2Z, and TV5.

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