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Jhong Hilario’s Adorable Toddler Daughter Plays Football!

Jhong Hilario’s daughter, Sarina, is playing football and here’s why we think it’s a great thing!

Sometimes, it’s best to start them young, especially with sports! Celebrity dad Jhong Hilario recently shared photos and videos of his daughter Sarina with longtime partner Maia Leviste Azores playing football. The little girl seems to be having fun with her football class as she follows the instructions of the coach during with a big smile on her face. Based on the video posted, she’s currently having some 1-on-1 sessions with the coaches.

Jhong Hilario's Adorable Toddler Daughter Plays Football!
Source: sarinahilario and jhonghilario Instagram

Why it’s good Sarina got into sports

Toddlers have a lot of energy and their inability to displace their energy can sometimes cause them to be cranky. Sports offer them that outlet; with all the kicking, running, and laughing, toddlers will have opportunities to release their energy productively into learning something new. Football engages the whole body and gives toddlers much-needed time for sunlight.

Most especially in the Metro like Makati, there are only a few spaces where kids can go around and get sunlight. Although Ayala Avenue is open every Sunday for people to walk, sports are more fun for toddlers rather than just walking through the same street over and over again.

Source: sarinahilario and jhonghilario Instagram
Source: sarinahilario and jhonghilario Instagram

Once toddlers have an avenue for their energy, they follow routines much easier!

Parents a lot of times complain that toddlers don’t follow structures. But it’s usually because they’re trying to find places to dump their energy. Once they do find an activity they like though, they’ll be able to think clearer and be calmer. It also stimulates their appetite to try other kinds of food since their new activity might need them to eat more. Most of all, for Sarina and other toddlers like her, it refines their motor skills and helps them become more attuned to their body as they get older.

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