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Just Poppin’ In With These Yummy Popcorn Snacks

Besides being a favored snack among diabetics, there’s also National Popcorn Day to appreciate these corn-based snacks everywhere!

We usually eat popcorn in the cinema but not anymore! With families building home theaters and getting more energy from these corn-based snacks, popcorn has begun popping in with all sorts of quirky flavors. While we’ll always love the classic flavors like sour cream, cheese, and BBQ, there are days we’d like to try some more unique flavors. Here are some popcorn brands that do offer those quirky flavors!

1. Chef Tony’s

Known for their perfect sphere-shaped popcorn, Chef Tony’s originally started with caramel popcorn to capitalize on the heavenly combination of salty and sweet goodness. Eventually, they began branching out to more specific cheesy flavors. Besides White Cheddar, they also have the smoky Jalapeño Cheddar that goes well with some fresh salsa to break the richness.

But their White Chocolate Parmesan Popcorn elevates the movie-watching experience with its creamy texture but with the pungent tanginess of the parmesan cheese.

2. Eureka

A Malaysian-based popcorn brand, Eureka offers the three S’s in popcorn: sweet, savory, and spicy. Their quirky flavors focus more on Asian recipes, including their strong-smelling but sweet Durian-flavored popcorn, the creamy yet spicy Wasabi popcorn, and the bittersweet Cocoa Malt Popcorn. Eureka also sells gift bundles for those who are looking for unique and tasty corporate gifts.

It’s exactly like they say, “Nobody does it like they do!”

3. Coney Island Classics

Named after the famous splash park in the United States, this popcorn brand offers various flavors that remind American expats of the taste of home while in the Philippines. From BBQ flavor to the unique Himalayan Pink Salt flavor, Coney Island Classics is just popping in to say hello with all the fun times and memories we’ve spent at our favorite carnivals and theme parks.

Currently, they’re available in Landmark Supermarket.

4. Oishi Popcorn

When looking for a quick, accessible, and cheap popcorn fix is the name of the game, Oishi Popcorn wins that hands down. Found almost in every supermarket and convenience store, Oishi offers three flavors: caramel, chocolate, and their mobster flavor: caramel and cheese. These are a hit among kids if we’re trying to find an alternative to potato chips.

5. Magi Planet

The Taiwanese Magi Planet introduces more Chinese flavors to the classic popcorn snack, including the numbingly spicy Szechuan flavor, the kid’s favorite creamy Corn Soup flavor, and even the quirky Red Oolong and Condensed milk flavor. Although they’re not available in physical stores, families can order them from Night Market PH — a website known for bringing in various Taiwanese-based products!

6. Smartfood

Most commonly found in SNR, Smartfood Popcorn’s most beloved flavor is the tangy White Cheddar flavor. Unlike the typical cheese flavor which may be too rich or salty for our palates, this flavor is a little bit milder on the saltiness while still answering our cheese cravings.

Pop goes the Popcorn!

Because they’re based on corn, popcorn affects the blood sugar less which is how they also got popular among Filipinos who are predisposed to diabetes. The best part is, unlike chips, it doesn’t crumble as much and if it does leave crumbs, they’re easy to spot within the nooks and crannies of the sofa. So if the family is planning to Netflix ‘n’ Chill for the day, don’t forget to buy everybody’s favorite flavors!

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