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KZ Tandingan’s Mom Becomes a Nurse at 56

On social media, singer KZ Tandingan proudly shared how her mom Marites passed the Nursing Board Exams. Her mom is 56 years old.

It’s never too late to reach for your dreams. This was the case for singer KZ Tandingan’s mom Marites. She recently passed the Nursing Board Exams at the age of 56.

On Facebook, KZ shared that her mom had to forego her ambition of being a nurse due to family reasons. She was already a registered midwife back then.

Raising a Family

“At the age of 18, my mother obtained her license as a midwife. Shortly after that, she was appointed as Clinical Instructor,” KZ wrote. “When mum fell in love, married my dad, and had my sister and me one year and nine months apart, her profession was flourishing and she had a future planned. She attempted to balance being a mom and working. But in the end, she made the decision to abandon the career she had fought so hard to achieve in order to concentrate on caring for her children.”

KZ added that when they were in high school, her mom chose to return to school and take up Nursing as her course but later discovered she was pregnant with their brother.

“Because of the pregnancy she had to transfer to a university that was primarily established for ‘second coursers,’ or working people looking to get a new degree with flexible class schedules,” KZ wrote.

“For a few months, she would do it. But eventually, she would put it on hold in order to concentrate on her health and to prepare for the impending birth of our brother.”

KZ mentioned that she was in college when their mom decided to finish the course until she got her diploma. At around 43 or 44, Marites then decided to take the nursing exam but failed the first time.

Finally a nurse

KZ’s mom decided to take the exam again after ten years and finally passed at 56 years old.

“She confined herself to her and my dad’s bedroom for almost six months and reviewed for the exam in secret. Only the family knew about it because she didn’t want people to be disappointed just in case she didn’t pass it again. She would study so hard that she’d fall asleep while reading her books and sometimes forget to take a break to eat,” KZ shared.

Her mom was worried that she won’t pass the exam but was happy to have taken the chance to do it again.

“Today, 18 days after, the results came out, and I’m so proud to share that my mom, 56 yrs old, MARITES LOBRIGAS TANDINGAN is now a REGISTERED NURSE.”

“Mommy, I can’t thank you enough for loving us so much that you sacrificed your career just to make sure we had the best future. Today is a reminder that God sees everything and that He rewards His children in His perfect time. Congratulations Mommy Tess! I’m so proud of you. I love you.”

Congratulations to KZ Tandingan’s mom and to all the nurses who will join the health sector!

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