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Lotlot de Leon Recalls How She Found Her Biological Dad

Lotlot de Leon, who was adopted by actors Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon, says that she has always been curious about her biological parents.

Lotlot de Leon has always been vocal about how grateful she was raised by her parents, Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon. But she admitted that she has always been curious about her biological parents, something she pondered about for quite a long time.

In an Instagram post on March 20, Lotlot shared how she was able to reach out to her biological dad during a visit to Olongapo. She began by saying that she already knew she was adopted not because of her parents but the people around them.

” [I] didn’t [know] what it meant before until my mom sat with me one day and explained. She said the difference between me and Ian was that my brother came from her stomach, [and] I was a gift from above,” Lotlot wrote, adding her mom pointed to a Mama Mary statue to explain it to her.

“[I] cried for hours after that. Not because I didn’t know who my real parents were but because I wanted to be like Ian (de Leon, her brother) too, na galing din sa stomach niya because I love my mom so much gusto ko totoong anak din nila ako ni dad,” she added.

Lotlot de Leon: I’ve always been curious about my real parents

In the same post, the Write One actress shared that she never had any hatred for her real parents. “[I was] just curious. Sino sila? What’s their story?   And to be honest, I prayed to meet them one day. Gusto ko din sila makilala.”

And by chance, she got some leads about her real parents.  

“Out of luck or destiny I was at the municipal hall of Olongapo and someone passing by said: “‘Lot, nung baby ka, sa amin ka nakatira.’ Since sa Olongapo nga ako pinanganak. Sabi ko suntok sa buwan I’ll ask kung may alam sila sa totoong tatay ko. I was able to speak to someone who accommodated me and since alam ko na name ng father ko, I gave the details of the information I had. Few days after that I was sent his full name, the name of his wife and daughter – my ate!”    

After receiving the information, Lotlot reached out, saying she had nothing to lose.

“Kung hindi nya ako sagutin, okay lang. Hindi ko na nilagay sa isip ko that he would.”

But to her surprise, she got an email.

Reaching out to her dad

Upon reaching out to her dad, she asked about him. She recalled how he responded back.

“Yes, I know who you are. I’ve always known about you. I carried you in my arms when you were born,” Lotlot wrote of her dad. The rest, she said, was history.

“Each of us has a story. Marami din tayong plano sa buhay. Pero ang plano pa din ni Papa God ang mangingibabaw. So here I am standing side by side with my Papa and I’m grateful in many ways.”

“Forgiveness, humility, and prayers go a long way. I wouldn’t have the people I love most in my life too now.  Looking at the glass half full with gratitude. Always.”

Lotlot, who was previously married to Ramon Christopher, has four children, including actress Janine Gutierrez. She is now married to Fadi El Soury.

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