How Janine Gutierrez Coped with the Pressure Coming from a Showbiz Family

Janine Gutierrez opened up about how her parents’ separation affected her. She also talks about her excitement doing Dirty Linen.

Janine Gutierrez has been hailed as one of the country’s most beautiful faces. On top of that, she has amassed acting awards from various award-giving bodies from the movie Babae at Baril including the Gawad Urian. But the daughter of Lotlot de Leon and Ramon Christopher admitted to Karen Davila that coming from a showbiz family is a double-edged sword.

Lotlot and Monching’s separation

In an interview on Karen Davila’s YouTube channel, Janine Gutierrez recalled how she felt conscious after Lotlot and Ramon’s separation was broadcast on television. Teachers, students, and even the principal of her school would check up on how she was feeling.

“Everybody knew what was going on. Minsan sa school, may exam ako tapos sa likod ng exam, sa ilalim may letter sa teacher na there’s a rainbow after the rain,” she recalled. “Hindi lang naging madali na alam ng tao.”

The separation was why she refused to get married at a young age. Her mom would constantly remind her to take her time.

“Una sa lahat, tapusin ang pag-aaral. So na imbibe ko siya.”

She admitted to having clashes with her mom, most especially when she was still under her management when she was starting her career. “I was young but now I understand. Now we’re good.”

Janine also shared she went through therapy to heal her relationship brought about by the separation. That one session was able to help her realize the things in her life and help her heal her relationship with her mom.

Superstar grandparents

If having showbiz parents was not pressuring already, having grandparents who have been immortalized in books is another thing. According to Janine, she found out her grandparents: Nora Aunor and Pilita Corrales were famous through history books.

“I found out na sikat yung mga lola ko nung Grade 2 ako [nung] may Sibika. Tapos nandoon yung picture nila sa chapter ng Sining. Hindi ko [siya] makalimutan,” she said. “Andoon siya like Asia’s Queen of Song tapos Philippines’ Superstar.”

Although her grandparents are famous, Janine explained it doesn’t cause any issues. But she admits it was one reason why she wasn’t keen on entering showbiz and just wanted to enter foreign service.

Given a chance, she would love to be an ambassador to Spain saying that she would like to see the place of her Mamita Pilita Corrales family.

Dirty Linen

In Dirty Linen, Janine plays the role of Alexa, who is out to discover the mystery behind her mom’s death and uncovers the dark secrets of the Fiero family. Since moving to ABS-CBN, her role in the show has been one of her most prominent roles to date.

“Sa mga projects po kasi mapili po talaga ako sa script at sa kwento. Or parang mas naattract ako kung may paniniwala or may sinasabi itong script na iyon din ang paniniwala ko,” she explained. “And Dirty Linen at the core is about injustice, na yung mga makapangyarihan palaging nakakalusot. Samantala yung mga mahihirap ang hirap na hirap makamit ang hustisya. And that’s a theme that’s prevalent sa Pilipinas din at hindi maiwasan.”

“Sobrang happy ako na ganon yung tema namin at ang tapang nung show,” she added

When asked who she is now as an actress, Janine Gutierrez’s main goal is to do good projects. “Iyon na din siguro ang paraan ko na hindi na masyadong ma-pressure sa mga status ng lola ko. There will never be another Nora Aunor.”

Dirty Linen airs Monday to Friday evening on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Channel, YouTube, A2Z, and TV5.

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