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Marcelito Pomoy on the OFW’s Sacrifice: “I salute all of you.”

Celebrity dad and musician Marcelito Pomoy salutes the OFWs as he travels to the US alone.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) constantly suffer the heartbreak of being away from their families to provide them with a better future. While some are lucky to have two breadwinners, others rely purely on one. Celebrity dad of 2 and musician Marcelito Pomoy finds himself traveling alone to the US, facing the grief and loneliness that many OFW parents are forced to deal with.

His wife, Joan, is currently recovering from childbirth.

“Gotta keep going for the family.”

“For the family.” This is the only feeling that spurs OFWs forward to keep on working, even if it means sacrificing the joys of parenting. For the next three months, Marcelito will be working in the US. “The feeling sucks,” he candidly writes. “But thinking about this makes me realize how hard those OFWs are sacrificing for their family’s future. I salute all of you. You are a hero of your own.”

He also writes that he will do his best to make sure that those who listen to his music will feel that they are in the Philippines. Even if they’re far away.

Marcelito Pomoy is a father of two little girls: 6-year-old Marcella Janiah and 10-week-old Marchesa Janoah.

Marcelito Pomoy's 2 daughters: Marcella Janiah and Marchesa Janoah
Source: Marcelito Pomoy

The Sacrifice of Every OFW Parent: “We’ll gladly do it if it means a better future.”

It’s heartbreaking to leave the family behind. But many OFW parents know that it’s a sacrifice that must be made. Some missed the big milestones of watching their baby take their first steps, speak their first words, and many others. Some OFWs come back to broken families, finding their loved ones moving on without them. As Marcelito Pomoy says, “the feeling sucks”. But it’s something OFW parents will do over and over if it means feeding the family and putting a roof over their heads.

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