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Marie Field Faith: Stepping Into Happiness

Mom, digital creator and co founder of Fits Mom Project, Marie Field Faith, is filling in the requisite 10,000 steps a day, with purposeful strides towards living fuller, happier, and sometimes, even messier. 

Marie Field-Faith has never been one to embrace the quiet. Throughout her life, she’s hustled through busy work schedules and side gigs. But COVID-19 changed all that. It’s forced her to sit still, pause and listen to her inner voice. “And it told me — take me back to the beach, woman!” Marie laughs. By heeding her own advice, she’s found new opportunities and a more meaningful existence, not only career-wise but also in her family life. 

Each step has its purpose

The Field-Faith home is always in flux, each corner filled with different activities for different members of the family. The kids have their classroom for online learning while her husband, Guy has a full-on, real-time engineering monitoring workstation. Marie has mini set up for content creating, as well as a workout studio to satiate her need for endorphins. “To top it all off, we decided to add an Alaskan malamute puppy named Ponkan to the mix!” she says. 

The family has also been spending lots of time outdoors, BBQ-ing, playing volleyball and swimming. “You’d be surprised at what keeps these guys entertained,” the mom-of-three intimates. “Sometimes, it’s the simplest thing that’s the most fun.” A big believer in outdoor and pretend play, Marie keeps her kids’ curiosity and creativity overflowing with a mud kitchen, a sand pit and cubby house. “We’ve really made an effort to make our small outdoor area perfect for messy and creative play,” she says. 

Creativity has no boundaries

This creativity extends into food preparation. The children are involved in cooking, planning themed-meals to liven up mealtimes. From backyard picnics to boodle fights, burger nights and outdoor dining under the stars, meals have become an event to look forward to. Marie credits going local to keep the whole family eating healthy: “We’ve been getting fresh green produce regularly from Gising-Gising PH, plant-based bacon and tapa from The Naked Food and nuggets and pasta with hidden veggies from Yaya Lola,” she explains. The family has also started growing their own fruits and vegetables, which, Marie says, encourages the kids to eat better. 

Racing through Life

Ever the fitness buff, Marie has found a newfound love in virtual racing. It’s given her a goal to work towards, and helpful when she’s feeling demotivated. “My first virtual race was Kruger Park for 412 km, which I did in two weeks, so I was doing 25-30 km walk/run/crawls everyday,” she shares. “It caught on with my mom friends and we eventually formed a team. Now, we’re racing across the north coast of Scotland for 805 km!” For Marie, it’s moving mindfully and with purpose that will get her through the race and the toughest of life’s courses. 

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