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Migz & Audrey Zubiri: Faith Knows No Bounds

At a time when faith was put to the test, Audrey Zubiri shares how prayer, gratitude and grace shone light amidst darkest of times. 

“We’ve all had our unique personal struggles during this pandemic but I realized that for as long as we have our faith and family to carry us through the darkest times, we can get through anything,” declares Audrey Zubiri. For the wife and mother of three, the power of prayer revealed itself during the most trying of times. 

A Test of Faith

Audrey shares just how abruptly everything shifted. “Our literal home changed when we relocated from Manila to Cagayan de Oro.” She adds that at the onset of lockdown when faith was put to test. With very little knowledge of the virus and no vaccine in sight back in 2020, her husband, Senator Miguel Zubiri, contracted the virus. Prayer in arms was her solace and salvation. Audrey recalls, “The chaplain of our daughter’s school invited me to pray the rosary on Zoom with three other ladies. It became a daily tradition, and grew in size to the now 100 families who gather everyday.”

Now in the clear and fully embracing life in their new home, the couple is back to spending as much time together as the day permits. Audrey shares, “After we put our children to bed, my husband and I stay up to watch our favorite shows or just talk about anything under the sun.” The children, she observes, have managed to thrive despite the drastic shifts. She explais, I am happy to see how our children only need very little to be happy, and I hope they stay this way. I would like to think that this time has taught them what is essential in life — family, faith and peace — and how to value it above all the distractions that the world throws at us.” 

Living the full life with faith, grace, and gratitude

Gratitude and grace accompany her and her brood through their days. Audrey smiles, “Praying together and enriching our faith as a family has given us the grace of peace and stability needed during this time of uncertainty. I am grateful that this challenging time has served to strengthen and deepen my relationship with my husband and our children.”

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