Ms. Rachel Teams Up With The Wiggles for Another Episode!

The Wiggles are returning for a brand new season of their show on their YouTube channel and it includes an episode with Ms. Rachel in May!

The Wiggles are back with new episodes on their YouTube channel. But get this—more than the beloved characters we came to know from the Australian show, someone is making a crossover—Ms. Rachel.

While there are plans to have Ms. Rachel appear on the “Preschool Episode” this coming May, there are no confirmed details yet. However, Anthony Field—one of the Wiggles’ members—informed parents that it will help them prepare the kids for preschool.

“This episode aims to familiarize children with the types of activities they can expect when attending preschool, making the transition smoother and more enjoyable,” Anthony, who is also known as Blue Wiggle explained. “We’ve also incorporated songs that preschool teachers can use to encourage children to participate in routine activities, such as tidying up their toys [and] washing hands.”

The series includes 40 episodes on The Wiggles YouTube channel every two weeks. The YouTube series called Wiggle and Learn is in response to the growing audience with 3.41 million subscribers to date.

Photo from Ms. Rachel For Little Instagram

Children’s Show Crossover

Ms. Rachel’s scheduled appearance on The Wiggles is not the first time as she collaborated with them on some episodes in 2023. In an Instagram post, Ms. Rachel wrote of the moment: “We had the best time ever collaborating with the incredible @thewiggles!!” Not only are they extraordinarily talented, they are just so, so, so kind and down to earth!”

Photo from Ms Rachel For Little Instagram

Aside from Ms. Rachel, the Wiggles have also collaborated with Sesame Street in past episodes. Isn’t it nice that children’s characters are collaborating to teach kids?

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