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Get a Massage After a Long Day at Work With This Chair

Parents can relax after a long day of work thanks to this Ogawa massage chair.

When we talk about the importance of self-care, getting a massage is on top of our list. But many parents often don’t have the time to drop by the spa or call home service due to their busy schedules. Sometimes, they tend to forget it due to other activities. But thanks to technology, Ogawa has been releasing massage chairs that members of the family can enjoy and have a quick massage in the safety and comforts of their home.

Ogawa Master Drive 5E Special Edition

Ogawa’s Comforting Massage Chairs

Thinking of investing in a massage chair that all members of the family can use? Then Ogawa’s Master Drive AI is a perfect investment. You can choose from two color options—Oyster Gray or Genuine Leather, which is 100% pure leather.

Unlike other massage chairs in the market, Ogawa’s Master AI boasts the latest in technology with each massage chair having a device that can help detect and measure heart rate to determine stress levels. It even recognizes fatigue points and can be customized depending on one’s preferences.

Moreover, moms and dads will love the Master AI because it analyzes the body thanks to what they call the Automatic Fatigue Detection System, which detects the stress level of the body. It also has a 4D thermal roller, which personalizes your pampering experience.

ogawa massage chair
Ogawa Master Drive Plus maroon

A massage is a must for everyone in the family

Getting a massage doesn’t have to be hard on your schedule after a long, tiring day. With an Ogawa massage chair at home, it saves you the time of dialing a home service or going to the spa. You can even turn on the chair and relax as you watch a movie with the whole family.

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