Operation Smile Now on a 10-Year Commitment To Make More Smiles!

To commemorate it’s 40th anniversary, Operation Smile’s scaling up their operations to address global cleft care and improve local healthcare.

For Operation Smile, it’s not just their ability to provide quality cleft care and surgeries that make people smile. Rather, it’s the commitment to improve local healthcare as a whole. Since the pandemic’s start in the early 2020’s, we’ve seen people in the healthcare industry struggle against the virus especially in remote places in the world. To mark its 40th year, the non-profit organization intends to take things a step further for a happier and healthier future for us, our kids, and more.

What’s the plan?

Operation Smile intends to collaborate with different local ministries and institutions. It’ll be a long campaign of informing, communicating, and implementing various policies to cover the gaps in healthcare. Kathy Magee, Co-Founder and President of Operation Smile shares, “Our experience has shown us that long-term investments in health care infrastructure and partnerships with local medical leaders are critical to serving children with cleft conditions and that our work and presence in a country provides greater access to high-quality care.”

A happier and healthier Philippines

As the founding country of Operation Smile, the Philippines will get to see healthcare services especially for children improve. Children usually end up abandoned when there’s a perceived medical defect. But people fixing the process, there’s hope for families that live in underserved areas. Executive Director of Operation Smile Philippines Emiliano Romano shares how this moment is a defining milestone.

“Philippines has been one of the major hubs of the organization and was actually founded here. So this milestone is especially important to us. It’s a great time to rededicate ourselves to our commitment. We want to provide access to high-quality and holistic care to Filipino children and their communities. So we can continue the legacy of 40 years of learning and success,” shares Emiliano.

Access to proper healthcare as a right

A lot of us got scared to see a doctor since we were scared of COVID-19. But not many of us have that choice. Some end up abandoning healthcare because it’s too expensive. But with Operation Smile working on the issues, we can now hope that healthcare will be better for our kids. Our kids and maybe their kids one day won’t have to worry about having any access when everything’s been streamlined and properly managed.

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