Pentatonix Shines On the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It’s a well-deserved spot on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for Pentatonix, who has made waves as an a cappella group!

When bands can sing in a capella — meaning no instruments or special synthesizers, we’re sure they can sing! Famous YouTube a capella group, Pentatonix, have already been making waves with their various covers and were recognized for their talents via a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pentatonix’s mezzo-soprano Kristin posted a picture of her daughter, Elliana Violet, sitting on the ground, posing with Pentatonix’s star.

Pentatonix Kristen takes a picture of her daughter sitting with the Walk of Fame star
Source: Kristin IG

A capella? What’s That?

Pentatonix singing in the Summer Tour of 2018
Source: Pentatonix IG

A capella is a style of singing where all sounds are made by the mouth. Artists may not use instruments or synthesizers while singing, letting the audience hear the raw power of their voices. A group like Pentatonix has different voices: soprano (high note for women), tenor (high note for men), bass (low note for men), alto (low note for women), and a beatbox — the one who keeps the bass.

Based on the photos Pentatonix posted, only Kristin brought her baby along to the unveiling of the star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. For many artists, that’s almost as big as a Grammy award. People will see it to immortalize them and their efforts as singers.

Congratulations, Pentatonix!

We often hear their music when shopping in the malls, especially during Christmas. Alongside Jose Mari Chan, Mariah Carey, and Michael Bublé, their songs often play in toy stores since the younger generation recognizes them more. But their recognition is well-deserved, especially after releasing many music videos and appearing in some cameos like in Pitch Perfect 2 as the Canadian representative for the World A capella tournament.

They are also going on a world tour, although they have announced their dates for North America on their website.

Among the five singers, Kristin Maldonado (mezzo-soprano) and Kevin Olusola (cellist and beatbox) are parents. Both have baby girls.

Once again, congratulations to Pentatonix!

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