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Personal Space Please! How Parents Can Teach Their Kids About It

It’s okay to fan girl or fan boy over your favorite celebrity but not to the point of invading one’s personal space

We all have been fans of a celebrity or a personality we admire. We get kilig when they interact with us or even notice us from afar. But there are moments when fans go overboard, sometimes invading the celebrity’s personal space.

Social media has recently been abuzz when some fans of P-Pop group BINI went up to two members during their downtime with family and friends. One guy even got too close to the member, making her uncomfortable, with fans of the group called Blooms calling the guy out on social media. It also led the group’s management to issue a statement.

As parents how can we help in this matter? Here are some reminders you can tell your kids about when they encounter their fave personality or find themselves in that situation.

Remind your kids about seeking permission properly to approach people

Let’s admit it. We get excited if we see our favorite personality from afar and want to take pictures. Always tell your kids to ask permission first if it’s okay to interact with them and ask for a photo.

If the personality declines, respect their decision and not make stories about it. They’re humans also who want some downtime with their family and friends. It’s not because they’re rude but just want to catch up with their love ones.

Know that stars are humans who want to be with family

BINI’s Aiah Ancheta summed it up when she talked about the incident she went through in Cebu. While she was happy to be with family, there were instances that some people did not respect her privacy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures with other people, and I enjoy meeting people who are as passionate as we are in the world of music and entertainment,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “it also warms my heart to hear and see people slowly learning more about me and my group BINI. But I hope people also see and respect us as human beings.”

She also cautioned people about the words and actions they do especially online.

No means no

No is a powerful word, but some people don’t get it. If your children are still stubborn be firm about it. They need to know boundaries. Their actions can backfire and put you in trouble too.

Educate yourself and your kids with the law

Rules are made for a reason and there are existing laws to protect people when it comes to privacy and. Two laws – the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and the Safe Space Act or Bawal Bastos have been implemented to protect people.

The Data Privacy Act discusses protecting personal information and other people’s information including personal messages. Leaking of personal information violates this law and can be penalized through imprisonment and a big amount of money.

The Safe Space Act meanwhile protects people in both physical and online presence from sexual harassment and promotes the safety and respect for individuals.

By educating your kids on these two laws, they will be aware of their boundaries and prevent themselves from committing violations.

Remember to draw the line

It’s normal to get excited to see your favorite celebrity or meet new people. But there is always a fine line when getting too close with the person especially when he or she is with other family members and friends. You don’t want people just going up to you or your kids without consent and shoving a cell phone for a selfie while eating. Be courteous and respectful especially with regards to personal space. After all, you are human and so are the celebrities.

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