PHOTOS: Dani Barretto Gives Millie the Best Peppa Pig Birthday!

As a mom, it was Dani Barretto’s prerogative to throw her daughter, Millie, the best Peppa Pig-themed birthday ever.

Despite the logistical hiccups and design shenanigans, moms will never regret the stress of planning their children’s birthday parties. Although we might not understand the appeal of Peppa Pig completely, we do understand that our kids like it and that’s enough for moms like Dani Barretto. The young celebrity mother assured that Millie had the time of her life during her birthday, surrounded by family and the characters from her favorite cartoon.

“Only the best for you, Millie,” Dani Barretto writes. “Happy birthday, my angel on earth! I’m so, so happy you had the time of your life at your party. We love you very very much!!!”

Dani Barretto Gives Millie the Best Peppa Pig Birthday!
Photo by @niceprintphoto 
Source: danibarretto Instagram

How to throw a Peppa Pig Birthday Party

The British cartoon, Peppa Pig, is a slice-of-life cartoon that showcases the British family lifestyle which is why kids probably love it so much. The main character, Peppa Pig, has several friends but the show focuses more on how she is with her family — Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and her siblings. It’s this generation’s version of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer or Ni Hao Kailan, teaching kids English in the most appealing way it can.

Because of its use of bright pastel colors and since it is a popular cartoon, most event organizers and party stylists are familiar with Peppa Pig. For Millie’s birthday, Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio brought in swings, a pale pink ball pit, a pool, and many other activities in Peppa Pig’s color palette. But what’s a kid’s birthday party without a visit and cameo from the iconic character, Peppa Pig, herself?

Dani Barretto Gives Millie the Best Peppa Pig Birthday!
Photo by @niceprintphoto 
Source: danibarretto Instagram

The party means so much to our kids!

It may be difficult to make a fictional character come to life but the short moment our kids get to see them makes the party more memorable because it shows that we listen to them. It’s showing our kids that we are interested in knowing what they like, teaching them that we’ll always have an open ear to what they’re interested in. Based on the photos and the video, Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio can consider Millie’s Peppa Pig birthday party a success! Happy Birthday, Millie!

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