WATCH: Vito Bacarro Channels His Inner Beatle For His Birthday

Vito Bacarro certainly surprised celebrity mom Saab Magalona with his birthday request!

Most kids are shy when it comes to performing. But not Vito! Channeling his inner Beatle for his birthday performance, Vito Bacarro sports some shades and a black shirt reading “The Vitos” while singing one of their songs with the iconic Abbey Road as his backdrop. He may as well be the coolest 4-year-old any parent will meet since he has a taste for the classics and wasn’t afraid to entertain his guests with a little concert.

Source: Saab Magalona Instagram

It certainly caught his mom by surprise!

But Vito Bacarro’s birthday performance appears to be a special request, one that caught celebrity mom Saab Magalona-Bacarro off-guard. “I was so surprised that Vito wanted to perform in front of everyone at his party today,” she admitted. “Look at how cool he is?!??”

It’s not the typical character or cartoon-themed birthday party but it’s what makes Vito the lovable rockstar that he is. Besides having his requested performance, all his birthday goodies were styled after musical items. Since he grew up in a family that loves music, we’re pretty sure Vito was thrilled to receive a cake in the form of his instrument of choice: a drum!

Vito Bacarro smiling ear-to-ear with his drum-themed birthday cake
Source: Saab Magalona IG

While Vito enjoyed his birthday, we’re sure the whole Magalona-Bacarro family loved how the whole thing turned out. Although tired, what mattered most to Saab and Jim was that all the kids enjoyed Vito’s love for music with him. “So tired from today but I’m glad all the kids enjoyed!!” she adds.

Source: Saab Magalona Instagram Stories

Even his party goodies and activities followed The Beatles’ theme. Tables had painting sets for the kids to use to design and fill their painting books with their art.

Source: Saab Magalona Instagram Stories

Happy Birthday to the Little Rockstar!

Even at 4 years old, it’s clear that Vito truly loves music. He even got the moves and the look down to truly pay tribute to one of his favorite singers. The comment thread of Saab Magalona’s post of the video gushed with praises and applause, even calling Vito Saab’s nickname for him: Bunny.

Music has always been a celebration of the soul, most especially for the Magalona-Bacarro family. Whether it’s dancing with Pancho or learning new ways to sing a song with Vito, it’s heartwarming to see them always finding a song to fit the occasion. Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite little rockstar, Vito Bacarro!

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