WATCH: Vito Bacarro’s Cover of Frank Sinatra is Too Cute!

Vito Bacarro sang a short snippet of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon and it’s so adorable!

Since both parents are musicians, it’s no surprise that music is the language of love in the house of Jim, Saab, Vito, and Pancho. While Pancho chooses the music that most accurately communicates his mood, Vito Bacarro is showing that he appreciates the classics. There seems to be an old soul in little Vito’s body as he covered Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon.

Source: Saab Magalona Instagram

We can’t wait to hear him sing the whole song!

Vito appreciates the classics!

Originally titled “In Other Words” by Bart Howard, the song gained more popularity when Frank Sinatra sang the song as a tribute to the Apollo missions to the moon.

But Frank Sinatra isn’t the only classic artist that Vito has expressed an appreciation for. He’s even done drum covers for the Beatles’ songs.

Oh, can we just add how cute and accurately Vito sang “a-jupiter and mars?”

How the Magalona-Bacarros bond: through music!

When words fail or the heart is just too happy, Jim and Saab bond with their kids through music. Even in the video that Saab recorded, Jim could be seen in the background vibing to Vito’s cover of Fly Me to the Moon. We’re sure the late iconic artist would have appreciated it if he were still alive. After all, the greatest gift to give a singer is to sing his songs for the years to come.

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