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Powerful Lessons from Celebrity Single Moms

These celebrity single moms know what balancing work and parenting is like.

Single parenting is tough. You’re not just a mother but also a father and vice versa. These celebrity single moms are no exemption. Having seen their marriages and relationships crumble before the public or the sudden passing of their spouse, they eventually learned to pick up themselves and be the best mother they can be.

We round up some of the most powerful statements and lessons from celebrity single moms on their journey and teaching their kids and themselves to be the best people they are.

Senator Risa Hontiveros

In an interview with Modern Parenting in May 2022, Risa, who has been a solo parent for a number of years now following the death of her husband recalled a story of how she was able to pay for her son’s tuition while she was struggling.

Celebrity Single Mom Risa Hontiveros
Photo from Risa Hontivers PR team

“One of the highlights of my solo parenthood was the relief I felt at my son’s high school when I paid for his tuition the last time. I had gone to the accounting office every month for four years and transacted with the same cashier who practically became my friend.  Once I paid my 40th installment, the cashier exclaimed, “Ma’am! Nakaraos na tayo! (Ma’am! We made it!)” I really appreciated that she said, “tayo” (us) and not “kayo” (you). It made me think that she was on my side the whole time, cheering me and my son on to keep moving forward,” she said.

She also said that backing down from challenges was not an option. “I often joked that 24 hours in one day isn’t enough for solo parents. If there was a way to add more hours in a day, you can bet solo parents will be among those who sign up for it. But I’ve had more than enough practice at sleeping less, sleeping later, and waking up earlier. I had to make it work. Being a single parent means double the responsibilities and doing it all by yourself. But this made me the strong lawmaker I am today.”

Jodi Sta. Maria

Actress Jodi Sta. Maria has been an accomplished actress, the most recent being Asia’s Best Actress at the Asian Creative Academy Awards last November. But being a mother to her son Thirdy, now 17, still is her priority.

Celebrity Single Mom Jodi Sta. Maria

In 2021, Jodi shared with Modern Parenting that what people see on social media is not often what it seems.

“Anything that’s been said on social media doesn’t have to define you,” she said. “What’s important are the lessons you’ve learned from your mistakes.”

Sunshine Cruz

These days, Sunshine Cruz has never felt more at peace now that she and her ex-husband Cesar Montano are co-parenting their kids. Back in 2021, she spoke about rising through the heartaches and finding herself again, something she would tell her young self given a chance.

Sunshine Cruz

“If I could give myself advice back then, it would be: know your self-worth.”

Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez knows what it feels like to be observed from head to toe. Coming from a showbiz clan, she knows that her daughters Lorin and Venice will also go through scrutiny from the public and she encourages them to be strong.

“I believe that we’re go-getters. I’m always ambitious, I always want to reach my goal, and fulfill my dreams. And I always tell them to be strong, God-fearing individuals—to not just be a follower. You have to create your own destiny. And I want them to see that, ‘Listen, I am a single mom. And I was able to raise you both successfully. You don’t need a dad.’ Because sometimes feeling ko is they have this complex that ‘We don’t have a dad.’ ‘Are you the only ones that don’t have a dad, you’re not the only children that don’t have dads.’ There’s a lot of broken families out there and that shouldn’t be a detriment,” she said back in 2020.

Ruffa Gutierrez

In 2022, her daughters got to reunite with their dad Yilmaz Bektas and sister Iknah, who is the daughter of their dad’s previous partner.

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino’s life has always been open to the public, more so when it comes to being a single mom to sons Josh and Bimby. In 2021, she shared a story of how her son Bimby asked for some allowance to get her flowers.

“Hindi ko talaga alam anong mabuting nagawa ko to deserve a son as thoughtful and loving as you. How I wish I could have been just 50% of you to Lola Cory because you are the bunso a mom like her deserved,” she wrote.

Kris Aquino with Josh and Bimby

And just like any mom, Kris will do anything for the sake of her sons especially when they’re attacked. It was also in 2021 when she came out with a statement, defending them as well as her late parents who have been the subject of historical revision.

Francesca Taruc

Francesca Taruc was set to give Binibining Pilipinas another try last year until she found out she was pregnant. Deciding to keep the baby, setting aside her dreams, and finding herself becoming a single mom was not easy. But the former Miss Tourism World Intercontinental titleholder shared one lesson she realized while she was about to welcome her son Ethan.

Ngayon na tanggap ko na, ngayon na mas nagtitiwala ako sa mga plano niya para sakin, para sa anak ko, ngayon TANGGAP AT HANDA NA AKO MAGING ISANG INA,” she said.

Para sa mga nahihirapan tanggapin ang kanilang situation, kung ano man yan, magtiwala lang sa Panginoon at hindi ka niya pababayaan.”

Francesca welcomed Ethan in December.

Janella Salvador

For a long time, Janella Salvador has remained quiet about the status of her relationship with Markus Paterson after it was reported they’ve broken up. But in an interview with Bernadette Sembrano, Janella finally answered when she said that she was a single mom and knew she could rise above her situation.

Janella Salvador
Source: superjanella

“At the end of the day, alam ko kaya ko naman siya. As much as I love the people around me who are always there to help me, I always want to know na kaya kong gawin,” she said.

“I can rely on myself na hindi ko kailangang humingi ng tulong sa iba,” she added.

She and Markus have seen been co-parenting their son Jude.

There’s nothing wrong with being a single mom

Time and time again, so much pressure is always put on mothers to have a perfect life. But sometimes the perfect life means being by yourself and your child. No mother wants to be a single parent but it means protecting her child and loving herself more.

We salute all the single parents out there. May your journey be an inspiration to more people.

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