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How Moms Can Make the Most Out of Their Preloved Clothes Shopping

As we turn to more sustainable fashion, here are some tips moms can apply when going preloved clothes shopping.

While fashion has been finding more ways to become sustainable in their production, some millennial moms have found their answer in preloved clothes. As they dig through the deep trunk filled with clothes from God only knows where or quickly skim through online shop’s albums, some of them rake it in big by finding some signature and branded pieces from old collections.

But to anyone starting out their journey on sustainable fashion and styling, staking claim on pieces, knowing one’s accurate (or at the very least, precise), and managing the risk of wrong shades and sizes can be overwhelming. Here are some ways to make the most out of preloved clothes shopping!

1. Always buy one size up.

If you’re a medium, buy a large. If you’re a large, buy an XL. When shopping through thrift shops, assume that majority of the measurements are done by hand and therefore, assume human error. Usually, they’ll miss out a good one to two inches.

Especially for unbranded pieces, they often come in what many call “one-size” or “free-size” which can be distressing for those with more muscular or stockier body types. After all, when shops say “one-size” or “free-size” they usually measure it against the petite Asian build.

2. When choosing preloved clothes: cross-check with your accessories first!

Accessories make clothes pop and if we don’t have any to match our chosen preloved piece, maybe it’s best to let it go. Buying it will not only spur us to buy more accessories, it’ll add more clutter to our closet. The point of buying pre-loved clothes is to reduce the waste and clutter and it doesn’t make sense if we buy one that doesn’t have any accessories to match.

Accessories include earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, and bags.

3. Don’t be afraid of a little nip-tuck and alterations!

While there are a lot of nice preloved clothes, some of them lack that extra spice which alteration shops can do. But take note, alteration shops only do simple alterations like cinching waists, cutting off sleeves, changing the neckline, shortening the hem, etc. However, if we’re planning to completely upcycle the dress, a modista will have a better understanding of our fashion vision.

4. Always have them washed before wearing!

Not all preloved clothes sellers wash their wares. Some of them just pack them up and ship them out. Then, some of the dust and dirt from the warehouses where the packages are stored can cling to the plastic which can make immediately wearing them itchy.

If a washing machine isn’t readily available, some either hand wash in warm water and detergent or spray it with a warm and diluted anti-bacterial spray before leaving it out in the sun to air-dry. A recommended mix is Lysol and Water – one teaspoon of Lysol to 500 mL of water.

At least whatever germs on the pieces will be dead after that.

5. If you’re planning to get them for an event, secure it at least a week ahead.

One of the main reasons why we buy clothes is because some events have dress codes – especially weddings! But not all of us are willing to splurge on a new piece especially if it’s not a style we see ourselves wearing for a long time or that we’re just going to wear once. So, to satisfy the dress code, we often look for a preloved piece so we don’t break the bank while still looking glamorous.

However, a lot of these shops refuse to do rush shipping because it costs more to prioritize. So, if we find a piece that already fits, lock it in already. Besides, we’re not the only ones looking at those pieces. Other moms may be thinking the same thing as us because they have an event and the same issue as we do.

Preloved Clothes Shopping is kind of like gambling

Fashionista moms thrift shop for all sorts of reasons. Some are pragmatic with their money, focusing more on how many times they’ll wear the piece rather than the trend. Others do so because of that adrenaline high and sense of achievement they get when they secure an authentic, branded piece from a collection.

But the best part we love the most about preloved clothes shopping is, we get to look fashionable while being sustainable and money-smart!

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