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Rita Gaviola Is Now Engaged!

PBB7 Housemate Rita Gaviola is now engaged to her long-time partner!

The last time we heard from Rita Gaviola was when she graduated from senior high school, wearing her cap and toga while having a family photo with her non-showbiz partner and her baby. However, she drops a new bomb on Instagram, revealing that her non-showbiz partner proposed to her. Now engaged, Rita Gaviola doesn’t reveal much of the details of the proposal but the joy is quite obvious in the photo.

“This is it,” she declares.

Rita Gaviola Is Now Engaged!
Source: itsritagaviola Instagram

How is Rita Gaviola now?

After her stint with Pinoy Big Brother, Rita Gaviola has now been enjoying her life as a vlogger and a TikTok mom. With her more flexible schedule, she completed her education for Senior High School and also celebrated her daughter, Kianna Mae’s, first birthday!

As a mom who’s been under the spotlight for a while, many of her fans congratulated her on the post. Some even revealed that the many bashers she had to deal with would be more “annoyed” and suggested that she relish in their annoyance. “The fact that someone cares about you and wants to be with you. Lalo na sila maiinggit talaga,” one of her followers commented.

Others added that she “deserved” the moment.

Most recently, on her TikTok, some shot a comment that she should have gotten into a relationship with an afam (or Philippine slang for “white foreigner”) instead which she addressed playfully. “Maganda naman lahi ko! Badjao,” she points to herself then to her soon-to-be husband. “Chinese, tapos Chinese din anak ko! Hindi naman kailangan maganda lahi ko, yung importante lang sa akin, happy ang pamilya ko.”

Congratulations to Rita and her partner!

So far, Rita has been keeping her partner away from the limelight but he still makes some appearances on her TikTok videos. But there’s one thing we’ve noticed! With more time on her hands and no longer taping so heavily like she used to for Pinoy Big Brother, she’s been making the most of her life. Although there are no plans yet when the wedding will be or if she plans to go to college, we’re just saluting her for being able to handle the stardom — bashers, fans, and all.

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