Rita Gaviola’s Baby Girl, Kianna Mae, Turns 1!

Celebrity young mom Rita Gaviola, also known as Badjao Girl, celebrates her baby girl, Kianna with a princess-themed first birthday party!

Every daughter is a princess in her mom’s eyes. That applies to celebrity mom Rita Gaviola as she celebrated a princess-themed first birthday for her baby girl, Kianna Mae. In both pink and bright red, Rita decorated the place with a large cut-out of a white castle with pink leaves, red flowers, and balloons in warm colors like pastel pink and lavender to make it pop out. The family celebrated Kianna with an intimate gathering including just their close friends and extended family members.

Little Kianna Mae looked so adorable in her white dress, too!

Rita Gaviola with her baby girl
Source: itsritagaviola Instagram

Most birthday celebrations for babies have short programs for a reason!

Although we want to throw a big birthday celebration for our babies, we sometimes forget that our babies don’t have the same energy levels as us. While it’s fun-filled with songs and balloons, it can be a bit overwhelming for our little ones. It also looks that way for Rita Gaviola and her baby girl! After some cake blowing and singing, Rita kept the celebration short so that Kianna wouldn’t tire herself out too much.

Rita Gaviola enjoying life with her baby as a young mom

Birthdays are always worth celebrating with our kids. It may not always be big ones since there are some kids who prefer quiet celebrations. But when our kids feel bad that they didn’t have a big birthday party, we always have our handy-dandy phone or photo album to prove that they did have one. And like most parents, Rita made sure to document her baby’s special day.

Popularly known as “Badjao Girl,” Rita Gaviola has been enjoying life with her baby girl as a young mom. Recently, she also finally graduated from school while managing her personal vlog and blog about her family life. She also puts a lot of effort into managing how much of the spotlight shines on her family, seemingly doing her best to make sure Kianna and her non-showbiz boyfriend have a quiet life.

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