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WATCH: PBB7’s Badjao Girl Rita Gaviola Graduates!

Congratulations on your graduation, Rita Gaviola!

The last time we heard from Rita Gaviola, she had been asking the public to keep her baby out of the limelight. But just this weekend, PBB7’s Badjao Girl is once again trending as the celebrity mom marches proudly to receive her diploma. She happily thanks her family on the Instagram post, acknowledging all the love and support they’ve given her. “Thank you very much to the people who tirelessly supported and trusted in my abilities, especially my family who never tire of coming even though I have a family!”

She also thanks her non-showbiz partner who had made sure she didn’t neglect her studies.

Source: Rita Gaviola IG

The limelight is well-deserved for this celebrity mom!

Badjao Girl Rita Gaviola Graduates!
Source: Rita Gaviola IG

Juggling the demands of work, motherhood, and school is no simple task. Many celebrities had to forego their studies in order to meet the demands of the entertainment industry. But it’s better late than never to graduate; most especially if Rita chooses another path besides being an endorser or an actress! With the right support, especially from her teachers and family, she’s more than geared up to face the next challenge life throws at her.

“This battle is just beginning, and it is not over yet,” she declares. “Everything is still far away, but I can handle everything for the people I love!”

Rita Gaviola graduates and her family supports her
Source: Rita Gaviola IG

Once again, congratulations on graduating, Rita! We’re sure your family is proud of you!

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