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Rumer Willis Shares Snaps on IG After Her Dad Bruce Willis’ Retirement Due To Aphasia

Hours after Bruce Willis announced his retirement due to Aphasia, Rumer Willis took to her IG story to show how much she appreciates him.

After Die Hard actor Bruce Willis announced his retirement due to Aphasia, his daughter, Rumer Willis, took to Instagram to show much he meant to her. The founder of Rumer Has It also hinted that the disorder had been showing an impact on her father’s cognitive abilities. However, Rumer and the rest of her family thanked her father’s fans and assured them that they’ll continue to “live it up” as the action movie star always has.

What we know about Bruce Willis’ battle with Aphasia

Aphasia is no joke as it takes Bruce Willis away from the career he has worked so hard for. Categorized as a neurological and cognitive disease, Aphasia robs a person’s ability to speak, write, and understand language. Both verbal and written, unfortunately. Some usually gain Aphasia after suffering blunt force trauma to the head. Others however suffer from Aphasia as a symptom, hinting at something more degenerative like Alzheimer’s. There’s no reported cause yet but we’re hoping that it’s something that can be slowly treated with Speech Therapy.

Luckily, Bruce won’t be alone in this battle. Rumer Willis made sure that everyone on IG knew that his family will be rallying behind him with these adorable snaps.

The first photo is of her as a baby in a white dress with Bruce Willis giving her a big bright smile.

The second one had Bruce giving her a kiss on the head while she was in an adorable blue dress.

The third photo was her being a few years older but she’s still daddy’s little girl nonetheless.

Among the photos, it showed Bruce even brought her on set when shooting the 1995 sci-fi film: The Fifth Element.

Photo from Bruce Willis

Family Support Is Always Key

Especially against a neurological degenerative disorder, family support really helps keep people going. Talking with them and engaging them keeps them lucid and stops their neurons from losing their power. Although there are different therapies to help keep the disease at bay, it’s hope and support from the Willis family that will hopefully turn Bruce’s battle against Aphasia around.

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