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Sheila Dy-Tiu’s Labor Of Love: Her Sister’s Wedding Cake!

A bond between sisters is very special. And society mom Sheila Dy-Tiu commemorated her sister’s wedding with a cake she made for her!

To witness our sisters getting married hits quite differently. It makes us want to do everything we can to make their dream wedding come true. And instead of getting the usual supplier for a wedding cake, society mom of one, Sheila Dy-Tiu, continues the tradition of making a wedding cake for her sister, Steph, who tied the knot recently. The cake was an elegant, white five-feet tall fondant cake with edible flowers, beads, and lace. It also showed the initials of the bride and groom, “M” and “S” in gold.

“This is probably my last giant wedding cake since all my siblings are married now. I made my brother’s wedding cake back in 2005 and 2016, then my own in 2009. It took me two weeks to finish this cake, and it was definitely worth all the time and effort. A labor of love for my little sister,” she writes.

Source: sheiladytiu Instagram

The Comfort of a Sister’s Support

One of the things that brides often worry about is whether the food — including the cake — tastes good. And perhaps for Steph and Sheila, there was more comfort in doing the wedding cake themselves.

Besides the comfort it provides, Sheila takes on the stress of crafting the perfect wedding cake for her sister. After all, no older sister wants to see her younger sister get stressed on one of the best days of her life! Ates want them to be worry-free during the wedding and while there may be hiccups, we older sisters want to reduce them as much as we can.

Sheila Dy-Tiu and her sister
Source: sheiladytiu Instagram

A Wedding Brings Families Together

Besides bringing two different families together, the inner workings and the logistics of planning a wedding can create a lot of learning moments within the families. We learn a lot of new things about our sisters that we never knew. And we discover what their version of “happily ever after is.”

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