Sisterhood in Motherhood: Celebrity Moms With Their Sisters

For these celebrity moms, nothing beats the support of a sister when it comes to parenting.

Moms have it hard and sometimes, it takes the special touch of sisterhood to help them be better parents. While the dads do take on some of the load, there’s just something sweet about being that cool aunt to your sister’s kids or vice versa. Here are some celebrity moms who have their amazing sisters helping them out with motherhood.

1. Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian

Celebrity moms and sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have always stuck together through thick and thin. If Kim’s got problems, Khloe and Kourtney got her back. Khloé even has a nickname among the kids: Aunt KoKo! Kim may be a mom of four but, she’s also an aunt of six, helping out with True (Khloé’s daughter) and Penelope (Kourtney’s daughter).

2. Serena Williams and Venus Williams

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, play Doubles on and off the tennis court. Both were seeded at No. 1 at some point in tennis. So we’re sure that they’re still both number 1 in the eyes of Serena’s daughter: 5-year-old Alexis Olympia Williams. Venus makes sure that Serena knows that she takes her job as both an aunt and an older sister very seriously, especially when the mom has to play a Singles match.

Photo from Venus Williams

3. Kate Bernal-Dee (@katebernal), Katie Ann Bernal, and Kris Bernal

The youngest of the Bernal sisters, celebrity Kris Bernal, shows that she’s more than happy to help her twin older sisters Kate and Katie be moms to their kids. The actress and entrepreneur even shared on her Instagram what it’s like to help out in taking care of her nephews. We’re sure now that there’s more fun to be had with the latest addition: Jeon Tyler Bernal Dee.

4. Karla Zulueta, Katz Zulueta-Melgarejo (@katzulueta), and Kim Zulueta-Alegre (@kimzulueta)

Sometimes, celebrity moms need their sisters to slap them into reality and tell them, “Gurl, you need a break!” The Zulueta sisters are there to support their sister, Katz, whenever she needs them. If she’s busy with her son, Zachy, Karla and Kim step up to manage Pizzulu and ZOO so she has time. Or if she needs someone to convince her to treat herself as a mom, the two do that and sometimes even include Zachy in the fun.

Photo from Katz Zulueta-Melgarejo

5. Bea Fabregas (@beafabregas) and Nica Fabregas (@nicafabregas)

Celebrity mom Bea Fabregas has been posting a lot of videos of her learning how to dance from her sister, Nica Fabregas. It’s a wholesome watch especially when watching Bea really giving it her all to learn. However, we’re sure that she and her siblings (they’re 4 sisters and one brother!) have a whole bunch of laughs too.

These celebrity moms found friends for life in their sisters!

We know how the limelight can be awfully taxing. And no one knows these celebrity moms better than their sisters. Sisters are the people we moms cherish for life. They may be the ones who would borrow our clothes without permission, eat the last of our favorite cookies, and binge-watch our favorite series without us. But, they are the ones who will fight tooth and nail for us. As long as we have our sisters, our journey through motherhood will never be a lonely one.

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