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Sid and Kat Maderazo: A Course On Compassion

In the home of Sid and Kat Maderazo, open communication and understanding are lessons applied even when it’s not a school day. 

When the pandemic hit the country early last year, Sid and Kat Maderazo brought their three children to Baler to escape the chaos of Manila. “During those 9 months, we learned that living away from the city is healthier—physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our experience in the province was life-changing and we realized that we can live away from the city, and unlink ourselves from the burdens of living in an urban environment,” the couple shares.

New set of challenges

The family later returned to the city and was welcomed with a new set of challenges. The children, after all, were still in school. And with everyone adjusting to the unusual classroom setup, it took time before Sid and Kat could devise a plan that works for all. “Children thrive better with a routine and schedule, so we follow it as much as possible,” they explain. “We also include chores like fixing the bed, food preparations, cooking, baking, arranging things in the house, packing away, pet care, etc.”

The importance of an active lifestyle

Sid and Kat emphasize the importance of an active lifestyle. “Our older kids also have screen time, and they are only allowed to play video games with limited screen time on weekends,” Sid details. “This allows them to be more creative and bond together, so we see them play with more tactile games like Lego, clay, they do arts and crafts, draw, read books, and play musical instruments than being stuck with their gadgets, as most kids are like nowadays.”

Going back to the city

Adjusting back into a city on strict lockdown is admittedly challenging for both parents. But close communication with the children always helps to smooth things over. It also supports the mental health of every family member. Kat expounds, “We communicate with them more now than ever. Any issues are addressed immediately by sitting down and having a long talk. At times when they cannot express themselves well or even understand themselves, we give them a series of questions to encourage them to sort out their thoughts and emotions. They are also given alone time and space whenever they need it. We constantly remind ourselves that this pandemic phase is very difficult for them as well, so we have to more patient, compassionate, and understanding.”

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