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Wife Reveal! Smokey Manaloto Reveals His Beautiful Wife in Son’s Christening Photos!

During his son’s Christening, Smokey jokingly revealed his wife, Cassie Brazal, in their formal photos.

A big comedian like Smokey Manaloto often attracts the spotlight but has spent some effort to keep his wife away from the limelight to protect her privacy. He, however, has been proudly posting pictures of his son, Kiko, like any proud dad. But while posting a milestone in Kiko’s life, he also revealed his wife and Kiko’s mom, Cassie Brazal.

Smokey Manaloto Reveals His Wife in Son's Christening Photos!
Source: Smokey Manaloto Instagram

Protecting their privacy

Although Smokey has posted a few pictures of Cassie on Instagram, the rare posting may be out of respect for her to stay out of the limelight. Some showbiz personalities put a lot of effort to keep their non-showbiz partners away from prying eyes to acknowledge their preference for privacy, like how celebrity dad Ian Veneracion respects his wife Pam’s wishes.

Smokey Manaloto Reveals His BeautifulWife in Son's Christening Photos!
Source: Smokey Manaloto Instagram

She, however, dropped an announcement on August 2022 when she gave birth to their son, Kiko. Some special instances such as Kiko’s Christening are perhaps one of the few exceptions both Smokey and Cassie agree that it’s okay to step into the limelight once in a while. A small break from privacy can be worth a formal family photo to look back to.

Congratulations on the Christening!

A Christening has always held importance in Filipino culture. It welcomes a child to a bigger family — their spiritual and religious one. Congratulations on the Christening, Smokey, and Cassey! And welcome to the Christian family, Kiko!

Smokey Manaloto is highly acclaimed for his role in Ang Probinsyano (2016), as Gordon Layug in Magic Kombat (1995), and as Williams in Super Mouse and the Roborats (1989).

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