The Disturbing Reality of Online Sexual Exploitation

The International Justice Mission (IJM) brings to light just how disturbing it is that people find online sexual exploitation of children normal.

There are so many stories of adults forcing children to grant them sexual favors. Both offline and online. Yet, it’s still so disturbing that there are people who are actually okay with it! The International Justice Mission (IJM), upon releasing a podcast Finding Ruby, revealed disturbing data about the online sexual exploitation of children. But what disturbs us more is that many of the culprits came from the children’s trusted persons: their own families.

The Uncomfortable Truth

Since 2016, the International Justice Mission focused on stopping the operations that condoned the sexual exploitation of children. Their efforts would make anyone wonder. How in the world does the operation manage to stay alive despite its worldwide condemnation? The worst part is that the Philippines has become one of the global hotspots for this said crime.

As if that was not disturbing enough, IJM discovered only 18% of the crimes came from outsiders. The rest of the 82%? 40% had biological parents. Yes, their own mothers and fathers were the culprits. The other 42% came from external family members.

“Online sexual exploitation of children is a confronting topic and people are quick to turn away. But Ruby’s story reminds us that there is a great triumph and hope to be celebrated, too,” shares Creative Director Rich Thompson.

The debut of the Finding Ruby podcast was held last August 25, 2022, in the Calor Membership Lounge in Makati City. IJM Ambassador Amanda Griffin Jacob and multiple influencers pledged their support to the global effort to end the disturbing reality.

A Safe World for Children

As the forefront runners of the effort in Filipino Society, the International Justice Mission Philippines has been pushing their efforts since 2011. From rescuing many victims to capturing many suspects, and even eventually convicting the perpetrators, the IJM has been doing this globally. But it takes effort from everyone to stop this disturbing reality. Currently, the IJM is offering all sorts of avenues from speaking in church gatherings and university events, and even offering volunteer training for those who want a more active approach.

For more about the efforts of the International Justice Mission Philippines and ways you can help, you can check out their website here: Philippines | International Justice Mission (ijm.org).

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