A Look at the New Danish Royal Family Line

Queen Margrethe II has officially abdicated, giving the country a new royal family to rule and represent Denmark.

A new beginning has officially commenced for the Danish Royal Family—the oldest monarchy in Europe—after Queen Margrethe formally abdicated. Through this, she has given way to her eldest son, now King Frederik X, to represent the country in its ceremonial and ambassadorial duties.

King Frederik was joined by his wife, Australian-born Queen Mary, and their four children on the balcony of Christianborg Castle as they waved to thousands of Danish citizens who came to see them. Likewise, several royals from Europe expressed their heartfelt congratulations to Denmark.

King Frederik and Queen Mary with their four children Princess Isabella, Crowned Prince Christian, Princess Josephine, and Prince Vincent waved to supporters. Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

King Frederik and Queen Mary’s family is the start of new royals taking over the monarchies. Here’s a close look at the new line of succession in Denmark.

Christian becomes the heir

With his father now king, Prince Christian, 18, the eldest of the 4 children has officially become the crown prince of Denmark.

The queen signs her abdication papers as her son King Frederik X, Crowned Prince Christian, and the Parliament look on. Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

The other royal children—Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine are known as Her Or His Royal Highness.

Aside from the Royal Family, Frederik has a young brother, Prince Joachim. He has two children from his marriage to Alexandra—now Countess of Frederiksborg—and two children with his current wife, Princess Marie. The family currently lives in the US.

The Danish Royal Family’s promise to Denmark

In his proclamation speech, King Frederik honored his mother. “Through half a century, she has followed the times with our common heritage as a starting point. She will always be remembered as a regent beyond the ordinary. My mother, like [a] few, has managed to be at one with her kingdom.”

King Frederik X waves to the Danish crowd moments before giving his speech as the new king.
Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

The new king continued by asking for the support of the people, something he said is a responsibility he takes with “respect, pride and great joy.”

“From my beloved wife, from my family, from you, and from that which is greater than us. I face the future with the certainty that I am not alone.”

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