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How This Baby Was Born with 3 DNAs Through In Vitro Fertilization

Doctors in the United Kingdom successfully performed an IVF procedure using a procedure that prevents children from incurable diseases.

The first baby with 3 DNAs was successfully created in the United Kingdom. In a report from the Guardian, doctors were able to create the baby via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) using what they call a Mitochondrial donation treatment.

According to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) website, people with severe mitochondrial disease use Mitochondrial donation treatment to avoid passing the condition onto their children.

It uses healthy tissue from the eggs of healthy female donors to make an IVF embryo that is free from harmful mutations.

In addition, the BBC reported that most of the baby’s DNA came from the parents. Then, around 0.1 percent was from a third donor, a woman.

This Baby Was Born with 3 DNAs Through In Vitro Fertilization
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Landmark in Science

Although there have been fewer babies born because of the process, the birth of a baby via IVF using 3 DNAS is a landmark in the field of science.

The DNA process was launched in Newcastle back in 2015. Laws were introduced to create such babies. HFEA said that “less than five” babies were born as of April 2023. As of writing, there are no other details about the families who took part in the technique.

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