How Parents Can Have the Best Valentine’s Date at Home

When restaurants are all filled up and we’re not in the mood to go out, we parents can still enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day date at home.

There are just those days when parenthood has us all busy and we can’t get all our favorite date-worthy restaurants on Valentine’s Day.

And that’s okay. Besides, with all the people there, some personal quality time is good too—even more so when our kids are still too small to bring around. But having a date on Valentine’s Day is what keeps the love in our marriages alive!

Here are ways we can have Valentine’s Day dates at home:

1. Put effort into tablescaping.

What makes a lot of the restaurants date-worthy isn’t just the food—but the decor as well. Some of us who have inherited silverware or become have become platitas over the pandemic will finally have a chance to showcase and use our favorite bespoke ceramic pieces.

As for the flowers, there are crochet bouquets or dried flowers that we can easily order online.

2. Fill the house with romantic music.

Spotify has tons of playlists to make sure love is in the air! Even if it’s just a Valentine’s Day date in the kitchen or the living room, having one of those small Bluetooth speakers with quality audio can simulate the restaurant feel.

The best part is, on Spotify, we can choose the songs that have sentimental value to us while curating a playlist of our songs.

3. Make sure to have a full-course meal.

Dates, especially one as special as this, usually entail a full-course meal prepared for the couple. And whether you plan on making it yourself or ordering from outside, just remember the three must-haves: an appetizer, main, and dessert.

The possibilities are endless! While some restaurants serve up to 12 courses, having 2 to 3 is good enough unless we’re eating a lot. But one true and tested hack for a delicious main in a full-course meal is to serve a Surf ‘n’ Turf—a combination of steak and shrimp.

Don’t forget the wine, too! Just remember: red wine pairs well with meat, while white is for seafood.

4. Ambient lighting

Our houses are always brightly lit to receive guests, but most romantic Valentine’s dates go with a dimly lit candle dinner. In case candles are not available, use the peripheral lights instead or the lights that don’t shine directly on top of the table.

5. Dress up for the date!

It may feel weird at first since we’re not leaving the house. But, wearing something more date-worthy brings back that nostalgic feel of putting our best foot forward to look good. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all parents because there are just so me who enjoy a Netflix-and-Chill kind of date in pajamas while eating their favorite ice cream out of a tub with spoons.

It ultimately depends on what you’re both feeling that day.

6. Make sure to have a selfie or a date photo at the end of the dinner.

When we used to go out with our partners, selfies were a must. But that still applies even when we’re at home! Choose the most decorated or the nicest part of the house and take photos of each other. You can even enlist the help of your tech-savvy children—whether your Gen-Z teen or your millennial young adult—to be your photographers.

7. Keep all work notifications off.

Unfortunately, this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a workday. But even so, you don’t need to deal with any messages or work-related concerns from the office after work hours. That is, if it isn’t a major emergency.

Put work life on a pause for just a moment for this special day. We can change our profile picture in all the chat rooms to reflect “do not disturb” or just put our phones on silent. Date night is all about us and our partners. Work can wait; no matter how much the office freaks out.

8. Take advantage of your supermarket’s paluto area.

Some supermarkets like Fishermall have a paluto area wherein they can cook the meat or seafood of choice immediately after choosing your portions. On the other hand, there are fancier options like One World Deli, a grocery that offers dine-in options after having your meat and seafood prepared by them.

Both options are cost-efficient too; not only do we control how much shrimp we want to eat, but the seafood’s also at its freshest because suahe is usually sold alive! Besides, this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on the same day as Ash Wednesday, so we’re sure most people will be passing up meat and opting for a seafood or vegetarian diet in time for Lent.

While not immediately presentable, it’s just a matter of tablescaping and styling. After all, ultimately, the taste is what matters. As for the presentation, all we need is an elaborate serving plate or a plain dish on a vintage silver tray to create a very aesthetic meal!

9. Hire a stay-out maid.

It’s a trend nowadays—mostly for security and convenience—for families to hire a stay-out maid. Some maids have specific skill sets like laundry, housekeeping, and even cooking. And depending on the workload and job description, they’ll charge by the hour.

Some agencies like Habihan School in Quezon City offer that kind of service but others usually look for recommendations via word of mouth. Doing this at least takes cleaning off the list of things we parents need to do.

10. Just enjoy each other’s company.

Ultimately, after all is said and done, Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating our love for our partners. Whether we go all out with preparations or enjoy a quiet day at home, the simple act of spending time together can be the most meaningful. After all, in this busy day and age, it can be hard to find moments to focus solely on each other—let alone rekindle the romance in our own way.

The key? To celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that feels meaningful and authentic for us parents.

Keep the love alive even at home!

A lot of times because we’re working or looking after the kids, the last people we think about are ourselves and our spouses. We neglect them—thinking that they’re busy too.

But Valentine’s Day, for parents, is all about rekindling the love that made them marry each other in the first place. Or for those who are finding love again after separating or annulling their previous commitment, it’s a renewal of hope and opening oneself to a commitment they’re ready for.

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