Turning the Bad Into Good in Bad Guys

Can children’s characters often depicted as antagonists have a change of heart? In Bad Guys, it did sort of.

Who has not encountered children’s books without a snake, wolf, piranha, shark, or tarantula depicted as the antagonist? We all did and some of us are even scared of them. In Dreamworks’ latest movie Bad Guys, we see them as villains trying to rob a golden trophy until they are given a chance to turn good.

Now the question is—can a group of villains really have a change of heart? The answer is quite complicated because of the situations the Bad Guys find themselves in.

The Bad Guys did a bank heist in the beginning and tries to steal a golden trophy

At the start of the movie, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Snake get inside a bank and robbed everything. Along the way, Mr. Shark, Mr. Piranha, and Ms. Tarantula aka Webs do their thing in helping the two as they disrupt the police

The gang then sets their eyes on the next prize—the golden dolphin trophy at a gallery and awarding ceremony to be attended by Prof. Marmalade, a loveable but arrogant guinea pig. Wolf then charms Governor Diane Foxington and the group almost got away with the heist until they get caught.

Wolf then makes a bargain with Marmalade’s help to turn good as well as the others. But of course, they have no plans of keeping the deal.

The Bad Guys take on the challenge of the experiment and Wolf slowly sees acceptance

The Bad Guys then go to Marmalade’s home and go through the good experiment. Initially struggling with the thought of doing good, Wolf then finds his tail wagging after rescuing a kitten during a time alone. He and Snake then discuss what’s happening, with Snake reminding him of the plan and informing them if things change.

Snake and Wolf’s friendship is tested

At the charity fundraiser where Marmalade is about to be bestowed with the golden trophy, Wolf deviates from the plan which causes Snake and the others to be upset and question him. Things get worse when they are accused of stealing the trophy and sent to prison. The plan backfiring causes friction between Snake and Wolf with Snake and the others leaving Wolf with Diane after the escape to stop Marmalade.

The Bad Guys will never leave each other no matter what

Despite the challenges in their friendship, the Bad Guys did not leave each other. They slowly changed and turned themselves to the authorities for the crimes they’ve committed. Can bad guys turn good? Yes, in a way. But will they turn good for the better? Well, you will just have to watch the film to find out.

Good or bad, there is a change of heart

The characters in the movie are the antagonists. They were initially seen as bad and evil but along the way, they realize that friendship and loyalty still matter to them.

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